Sunday, 22 February 2015

20 facts about me

Now I've had this blog for about two weeks, and I think it's time that you get to know me a little bit better! Here is 20 facts that can help you with that:

1. My name is Sofie, but I love nicknames and most people call me Sof, Sofa, Fie and some people from my family actually call me Smurf.
2.I'm in the last year of what we in Denmark call public school.
3. After this summer holiday I will start on a new school, 3 years of what we call high school.
4. I love meeting new people and talk, either some random place or on the internet.
5. I have met so many amazing people over the internet, and I talk to them every day.
6. Back to the I love talking thing from 4: I talk a lot, and I talk fast! Both in danish and english. My english teacher once told me she was afraid I would faint because I talked so fast and sounded like I didn't breathe.
7. I'm such an awkward and clumpsy person. If im shopping it's 100% sure I somehow will break something or with my bag make socks fall down - twice (recently happend in H&M)
8. My favorite app is Instagram. I love taking photos and I love looking at photos. I take photos of everything in case I should post something later on instagram. And people often tell me I do that too much, and "try too hard" to get my Instagram to be pretty.
9. I not only take photos for Instagram, but I love to photograph with my camera too. Not this kind of photos I have posted on the blog yet, but like nature photos. I have thought about posting a few of then on here?
10. I wear red lipstick a lot! I love it, I feel like it can add a little extra something to an outfit.
11. I want to travel a lot! I have only been in Denmark, Sweden and less than 24 hours in Germany, so it's my big dream to see even more. And this summer I'm going to London (which will be my first ever flight) and I'm so so excited!
12. I have a sweet tooth.. And there is nothing I love more than chocolate, my favorite chocolate is nougat/torrone.. Yum!
13. It's no secret that my biggest idol, and favorite artist is Taylor Swift, I've loved her since I was little. But I also enjoy other music like The 1975, Nina Nesbitt, One Direction, Ed Sheeran and 5 Seconds Of Summer (Fangirl? Oh, yes I am)
14. My favorite animal is an elephant. When I was two years I got this teddy bear who was an elephant, and I named him Dumbo (how original, I know) and Dumbo is still in my room today and have always been there. So for me it's this really safe animal you can trust. And also it's such a beautiful animal, and it's also a dream (again, the travel part in 11) to travel to see them in Africa or Asia.
15.I always wear rings, I feel "naked" If i don't wear it.
16. I can so easily stress over school and homework, and actually anything. And it was one of my new years resolutions to learn myself that there is nothing to stress about and I also nedd to take my time to do the things i love like reading or painting - and I think I'm doing okay for that resolution.
17. As I said I take lots and lots of photos of everything and everyone, and if you look through my photos you will actually see that I, myself, never really is on any of the photos. I'm always behind the camera and never infront. It's so weird for me to "model" the clothes in my latest posts, especially when I can't see what's happening on the camera and if it looks like I want it to.
18. I don't like pink. If you look in my closet you wont find a single piece of pink. If you ever see me in pink you're really lucky.
19. Most of my family lives on the small danish island Sejerø, and I spent most of my holidays over there. The photo above is from Sejerø, I took it in summer 2014.
20. My favorite season is spring or autumn. I don't like winter because it's too cold, and summer is sometimes too hot. Either way, every seson is beautiful.


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