Saturday, 28 February 2015

Febaruary Favorites

Last week I started a new post serie on the blog, and this week I will start a new serie: Monthly Favorites.
I have through out the whole moth written down what I have been loving, and here it is:

This month I have been watching a lot of youtube, and especially two channels have been my favorites.
The Canadian, now living in London, Estée Lalonde who on Youtube is known as EssieButton. I don't wear make-up, but I watch all the beauty youtubers and tis month EssieButton have been a fave of mine, not just beauty videos but also her lifestyle videos.
Another channel I have loved is TheLineUp, which is runed by two girls from Stockholm. They make outfit videos, and they are so more fashionable than I will ever be, and I can only hope to be half as fashionable as them.And I love they are from Scandinavia as well.

I have a new years resolution that says I shall read one book every month, and the book I read in February was 'Four' from the Divergent serie by Veronica Roth. I love the Divergent serie and have now read the whole serie more than just once. I love how you get the story from Four/Tobias view. When I finished I just felt like I didn't read a book, because there is no climax. It is small parts from the first book and a few small stories from before the fisrt book started.
Also, this one is really exciting, have I been loving the app Issuu you can download free. The app have thousand of magazines you can read for free. I'm loving the magazine Darling and Local Wolves.

Food and drinking:
On a cold day in Denmark I have been loving sitting inside with a cup of tea. I have been sick almost all winter and tea have been my lifesaver. I have been trying out lots of different teas, but my fave have to be a lemon one.
I have also loved avocados. Everything with avocado. I'm obbsessed. I have been tying mixing avocado with lots of different things, and I just love it.

One thing I have been into this whole month and the whole winter is turtlenecks, I can't get enough! Below you can see the three I have been wearing a lot, and I recently bought a white one for March!
Bralette is a thing I new really understood untill I got one myself. They are to most comfy thing ever, and wearing that under a big cosy sweater is the best thing ever on a lazy Saturday!
My Day bag is also a loved one, I have been using it for school and when I just needed a nice bag with lots of space.

Black turtleneck: H&M - Blue turtleneck: Vero Moda - Sweater turtleneck: H&M - Bag: Day - Bralette: Missya

I love gold! The past month I have been really into gold after always beeing a "silver girl". All my jewelry is gold, and I even got my iPhone in gold. I also got a gold nail polish from OPI, and I have been loving it. I have been joking about I'm the "Golden Girl" because I was wearing gold everything a day.

iPhone: Apple - Nail polish: OPI - Ring: Spinning - Elephant necklace: Aeropostal - Watch and heart necklace: Gifts

Music is a huge part of my life and I love listening to music I can relate to. I have been listening a lot to Taylor Swifts newest album 1989, yes I am a fan, and I feel the lyrics so much. Track 5 is a good one.
I also made myself a Spotify so I could listen to The 1975, and I love how chill their music is and I have been loving listening to that before going to sleep. I wish I understood more of the lyrics, their accents is so hard to understand!
My all time favorite notebook is in my bag whereever I go. I write every idea I get into it. My "Brilliant Idea Notebook" is also where I started all my ideas and plans for this blog. "Don't fear an idea" said my Connor Franta was what made me start. What could be the worst thing that happend? My blog is also a favorite, I love writing for this, taking photos for the, getting ideas for this and getting comments on this. I'm so happy I did it.


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