Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Skin care rutine

About two weeks ago i posted about the little place Noblesse where I got my skin checked (Read it here). Now about two weeks later I will do a follow up, and tell you about my skin care rutine and how it has helped me.
I use the products by Clear Start, and I love them! I have normal, but dry skin, and these help me with that. I do this every day, mostly at night or before i take a shower (of course not the face creme before the shower, but obviously after)
Here is what I do in 3 simple steps:

Step 1

The first thing I do is to wash my face. I use the Clear Start Foaming Wash for that. You don't need a lot, just about a little pearl in your hand, it will flow out more and be like the picture above. I rub i between my hands till it gets white and foamy, and just place it all over my skin and message it into my skin. Then I take it off with hot water. I do this twice. The first time to get anything away from my face, and the second time to do it for my skin.

Step 2

After I have washed my face I apply the Clear Start Daytime Treatment. I don't use more than the tip of my finger. It is important that you don't use more because then it will get the opposite effect, and dry out your skin even more, the same for the face wash. But i just apply that all over my face. And that is basically what I do every night, but there is also a few more things to do.

Step 3

Twice a week I also use a face scrub by Clear Start. You don't need lots, again the tip of your finger is enough, and you can really feel how it helps your skin. I normally do this when I'm in the shower and let it be on my face while I shampoo my hair or shower my body ect. ect.

Other good tips: 
Drink water! I'm the worst at this, and I should really take my own advice, because it can really change your skin. I'm trying and I have goal that I shall drink four bottles a day, and I'm tweeting everytime I have done one, so follow me on Twitter here, and join me?
I have a juice recipe that should be really good for you skin. I'm still working on it, but I will post about it when I find it perfect!

I know I have now talked about Clear Start a lot, but I can really recommend it to you. They do not only have for dry skin, but also for a lot other skin types. And I do not only use them, now and then I aslo use a random face mask, nothing specific.

I hope all of this helped you a little. Do you have any other skin care recommendations leave them in the coments below so people also can check them out! 


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