Thursday, 12 February 2015

Early Valentines Day

Valentines day is coming up, and not all of us is lucky enough to have a special someone in our life to share the day with (aka. me). So i decided to do something special for myself. And I can recommend that you treat yourself a little now and then!
My skin have been acting crazy the past few weeks, and I finally did something to it. There is this little place in Holbæk, Denmark (There is a few more shops around Denmark) where there is a hairdresser, a piercer and a little beauty place where you can get you skin, body and nails done. It's called Noblesse.
It's a small place, but nice. And they know what they are doing. She started with looking at my skin and then used things for my skin type. She also told be what to use for my skin as a everyday skin care rutine and also what was good for me to eat and drink. I bought a few products, and I'm excited to write a blogpost on that in a few weeks, and tell you guys how it all works out for me!

P.S: I actually asked my friend out for Valentines day, but she is on holiday. I'm not forever alone pshhh, what do you mean..

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