Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A place in the heart

So I really started stressing out when I didn't have anything to post today, or I have a long list of things to post but I just felt like I had so much to share with you, but finding a way to share it was hard, but I guess I just have to say it and do it now.
The last 5 days have been so weird, confusing and overwhelming. A person I thought I wouldn't see anymore showed up out of nowhere. Before this Saturday I was scared to look back on all the memories and feel all the strong feelings again, but this Saturday it all just kind of changed. I looked back and felt happy that I had all these, not just memories, but amazing, happy and incredible memories. And after months of hiding and trying to forget all of this, the place, the feeling and the person, it was nice to just look at those photos and smile and remember everything so clear. And I didn't feel all the feelings again all I felt was joy and I was smiling because of all the memories and I remembered how happy I was back then. I can't really remember a place where I have felt as happy as I did the weeks I spent here, where the photos are taken.
I don't think you should hide away your feelings, not even the bad ones. I will leave you with the photos from now and a little quote from miss Taylor Swift: "If it made you feel something, it was worth it" and I can't agree more. You're only human, the feelings are you.



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    1. Hej Sofie. Det er nogle flotte billeder, som du har taget. Held og lykke med din blog.


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