Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Letters, lattes, ladies and laughter

The past few weeks have been so confusing for me and a lot of things have happend. This whole week I'm totally booked up and stressed out, I don't really have any time for myself. It's 10pm, I'm tired, but I feel like I need to share this with you.

If you ever have one of these times where everything just is a bit too much in your little head; don't worry i have a little cure for that.
Today myself and two friend just took a bus after school to get some time to ourself, talk about everything and nothing. We did that; bought some coffee, went to the "beach" took some photos for my blogpost that will be up sometime in the beginning of next week. But also just took photos for ourself, caught some moments that one day will become memories. We laughed so much and it made me feel so much better and now I feel like I am ready to survive this week too.
Do that! Get some friends together and make some memories!

Another thing I feel like really helps is writing letters! If your thoughts are getting a bit too much it really helps just getting them out! If it's a person all your thoughts is about, then you don't have to give the person your letter. I  just feel like it just helps to get the thought down on a paper so you can see them instead of they just mess inside your head.
I once sent a letter to a person, just to get rid of all these thoughts, and when I sent the letter I felt like I now could move on and move away from the messy thoughts. The answer i got to that letter was not what I hoped for, but the answer didn't actually mean so much because I now was rid of all these thoughts. "The words you regret the most are often the ones you left unsaid"

So do what you need to do for yourself. Laugh, love, drink lattes with your favorite ladies, take photos, write letters. Do what is good for you.
Todays photos of moments that one day will be my memories:

Credit for some of the photos to Lærke Kristensen, follow her on instagram on @laerke__kristensen


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