Monday, 30 March 2015

March Favorites

Another month has come to its end, and it's crazy that my blog now is 2 months old and have over 1800 views! I have here collected a few of my new favorites for this months, there is not as many as last month because I still love a lot of the things from february (you can read about them here).

So this month we had to read a book for school, and all books you have to read for school is always boring, but this one was actually really good. I thought it would be a bad book, the front is not interesting at all, and what it says on the back was not quite what I use to like. It's a short book on 77 pages, and it's about the authors own life as a teenager when she ran away and lived on the street with a lot of other young people in Copenhagen. It's called Voxeværk, and sadly it's only in danish. I have been looking for it so I can have it myself, I would really enjoy reading it again I think.
This month I have actually also been reading Fifty Shades Of Grey, after there last month was so much about the movie. I know a lot of people who think it's a really good book, but I don't think so. It's a great book, but nothing special to me, it's a typical love story about a girl who think she is nothing special but anyway the most handsome man falls in love with her. It took me like 250 pages to get a little into it.

I'm not the person who watch a lot of tv, I mostly watch youtube or read, but my littlebrother got Netflix and together we have been watching the serie Doctor Who, and we are about to start on season 6 already. Season 5 is my all time favorite season, I love Matt Smith, and I even more love Karen Gillan who plays Amy Pond, the doctors companion. You either love Doctor Who or havn't seen it.
After my brother got netflix I have also been watching Gossip Girl now and fallen in love with the serie. I'm normally not that into all of that girly drama, but something about Gossip Girl makes it okay. Maybe it's the fact that it takes place in New York and I have a dream about once going to New York.

It's finally beginning to be warmer in the weather so I can wear other jackets than my wintercoat, and I'm obsessed with denim jackets at the moment. I have a dark blue one that fits quite tight, and then a light blue one oversized i stole from my mom.
I have also been really into hats after I bought a big black one in H&M in the beginning of this month. I try my hats on with ever outfit, but never actually wear them because the weather is too windy.. Stupid danish spring weather.

So I'm still into tea like last month, but this month I found these mint cookies, and I'm in loooove. I love everything mint, and with a cup of tea, and reading or watching Gossip Girl, then I'm good.

So this month I have been a lot on tumblr. I changed my theme on there and followed lots of new blogs, and everytime i log on tumblr I always find some inspiration on there, either for outfit ideas, ideas for what I can paint, ideas for photography and see things in a new angle, or I dream myself away to a beautiful beach or big cities in school breaks. You can check out my tumblr here

I have always been againt Spotify, I just didn't like it. But now I changed my mind, I love it. I really enjoy there is so much music, and I love making my own playlists and listening to artist i don't have on my iTunes and my phone. And this month I have really enjoyed listening to Gabrielle Aplin. I have always loved her singles, but I never really listend to her whole album, and now I'm sad I havn't done it before.

I'm excited to see what April has in store for me, it's one of my favorite months (maybe because of my birthday shh..) and I hope my blog can grow even more this month. Thank you for reading along!


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