Thursday, 30 April 2015

April favorites

Another month have been and it's now time again for another favorites of mine. I'm really excited for this one, because April is my favorites month, ot only beacuse of my birthday, but also because of it's here the weather starts to get better, the flowers come back, and its like the air feel fresher. I'm always confused wether my favorites season is spring og autumn. I like both; spring for all the reasons I just told, and autumn because it means sweaters, hot chocolate, beautiful colours on the trees and everything just seems cosy.
But for now, let's talk about April:

First of all my birthday have been a favorite itself. I made two blogpost abput it, one just for photos from my birthday (you can read it here) and one for what i got for my birthday (you can read it here)
And the weather around my birthday is always the best, so the weather has also been a favorite (and will continue with that for long). Around my birthday, we have this beautiful tree in our gardan that have the prettiest flowers. It's the one in the head picture here, and I also posted one on my instagram. It have been so nice, that when I'm home from school, bombed in my head with informations about exams, just sitting under it for a while before i started my homework.

Style, fashion and clothing:
I borrowed some black boots from my friends for two weeks, and they were literally everything I wore. I wore them with jeans, skirts, dresses, everything! They were so nice to walk in, really comfortable, and you could walk in them in a long time before you started feeling it.

As I said i wore them with everything, but one thing I wore them even more with was skirts. Because of the good weather and I was in such a "spring mood" I have been wearing a lot of skirts. And when I found these tights in my closet, I knew I had to make a outfit. And with a simple skirt, and a turtleneck (i still have a love for turtlenecks, yes) my outfit was "on point". And it was actually my
Outfit of the month:

It's no secret that I use a lot of my time on the internet and social medias and it's also here I find a lot of my inspiration.
My style inspiration this past month, which i think has to be my style icon now, started when I saw photos of her from Coachella last year (you can see my Coachella inspired styles here) and it is no other than Vanessa Hudgens. I'm in love. I love the candids you see of her "street style" and how dressy, classy and elegant she can be on the red carpet. I have just been loving her, like she is literally goals. I love how she can pull of anything, and I can almost see her in the photos thinking "I look so good, of course I rack this hat, lipstick, glasses ect." And I feel like that is the secret, if you feel like you look good, and feel comfortable, it gonna shine through.
Some of my favorite candids:


 Vanessa have not been my only inspiration this month, I have as always been watching a lot of youtube, and I have two new faves-baes I have been watching.
The first one is one I already had subscribed to, but never really watched, but fell in love with. It's Alexa Losey. I've been falling in love with all her outfit videos, and a lot of them is like Vanessas.
Another youtube I have been loving is called Bianca and she just ran into my heart. She is cute, funny nd so normal. She don't edit her videos, she dont care if her room is messy when she is filming; she is the most naturally girl, and I think that is why I love her so much.Just her style, makeup, everything about her really inspires me.

Beauty products:
I don't know if you can call it beauty product, because I don't use make-up. But this is a fragrance and a lipbalm.
These two things gor with the weather and the season. They remind me of my birthday because I got the fragrance for my birthday last year, so that one just screams april and spring to me. It's the (surprise) Taylor by Taylor Swift made of starlight.
I must have been wearing the lipbalm with it a lot, because the eos watermelon is just needed with the fragrance.



Apps and electronics:
I'm not the kind of person who writes everything on Twitter, but I love just looking on there and see what people tweet. And I also just write a lot of random things an there as well so a little more thought from me than my instagram or on here.
Another app I been trying out this month I actually found via Twitter. It's called Headspace and is a meditation app, that takes 10 minutes, and you get the first 10 days for free. It was so nice just taking 10 minutes out of my busy day, and just realx.
Do any of you play sims 3? or is it just me. I have been playing since sims 2, and now I got a new computer so my sims work way faster than before whih makes it a lot more funnier. I also watch videos on youtube. I'm such a nerd.

It's not a surprise I love Taylor Swift, but this month has been a bit extreme. I have listen to her third album Speak Now over and over and over again, for some reason it just goes with the weather. And I have also been loving the son Fifteen from her second album, and i listen so many times to it the last days I was a fifteen (I still listen to it so no difference really)

I think that was all, and I think that was quite long. But I hope your month have been as amazing as mine, and I hope you will do well in all your exams in May, because I'm already stressing out!

Until next time,


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