Friday, 10 April 2015

Outfit of the week! #7

Last week I didn't put a outfit up, mostly beacuse I wasn't home beacuse of the holidays but also beacuse my outfits wasn't anything special; I basically lived in the same sweater, and if I didn't wear that I would wear my pyjamas. And that's true. And I had actually planned that this sould be a really cosy and comfortable and nothing special outfit, just a nice outfit to start up after holidays. But then I thought "It's not fun for people to look at boring outfits" and then the weather was just so much better than i thought it would be, so the cosy outfit was too hot! Didn't think I would say that in April month! So this week I actually have been loving all my outfits, just feel like it had a little something special to them, and I had to pick between two outfits this time! I just wasnt sure if it should be this one going on the blog, even though I love it! (And you will see the other one soon anyway I think, so keep coming back here!)
So here it is, my outfit of the week!

What I wore:
Dungarees: H&M - shop it here
Black turtleneck: H&M - shop familiar here
Chelsea Boots: Topshop - shop here
Black tights and belt: Don't know the brand, sorry. familiar belt and tights


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