Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sweet 16!

So for the first time in sixteen year it rained on the 26th of April. The sun has always been there on my birthday, it even once snow, but never rain. But that didn't stop me from having an amazing day - Actually an amazing weekend. I've felt like I have had birthday for two days now.

Yesterday, the 25th I threw "a lil party" for my girlfriends. I made brunch and we just had a good time for a few hours, I even got litte presents from them! ( I been thinking about doing a "What I got for my birthay", would that be something or nah?)
When the girls left I had a few hours for myself before my best friend aka. that special someone came here to celebrate me in the evening. W made a picnic on the floor in my room (because of the rainy weather). He gave me a cute little present, a letter, and because you can drink legal here when you turn 16, he made a drink for me, haha.

On THE DAY, the 26th. I woke up and jumped into the shower. Sunday is my favorite day of the week, and I always have a nice long shower in the morning, so that it was my birthday was no exception! (I have been thinking about making a 3 post serie called "sunday trilogy" with a few things i always do on my sundays) After that I had a cup of tea with my family and got my first presents of the day. I hadn't expected to get anything other than money for my travel to London in June, so that I got so many little and good gifts makes me so happy.
My family came here around 10.30am and I had brunch for the 3rd time this week (follow me on twitter for more daily updates ;-))
The rest of the day was just filled with so many nice things, and my family. It made me so happy. And now at 8pm I'm sat here by my new computer (my first post off my new computer! - yay!!) and I'm very tired - and sixteen! - and filled with love while writing this and reading all the nice things on instagram, twitter and facebook.

Here is a few photos from my "two" birthday(s):

The 25th:

The 26th

Thank yoy for reading all my blogpost al for letting me top the 2600+ on my birthday!


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