Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Concerts and happy times

One of my favorite places in the world is at a concert. I love seeing artists I have been a fan of for so long. There is just something special about singing along to the songs with the person, instead of singing along to a record in your room, at least I feel like that.

Two years ago I went to my first concert. It was in my "boyband days" and I went to see One Direction the first time they went to Denmark, and I had an amazing time dancing, singing, and what you do to boybands; screaming.
Since then I have been at a few more conerts, I have been to festivals, I have see bands, solo artists, I have travled to other countries to see my idols. And evertytime it has been worth it.

Yes, it costs  lot of money! I know that better than anyone I think. I spend a lot of money when I traveled to Berlin to see Taylor Swift last year. It was not only the tickets for the concert, but also i needed to pay for hotel room, for the ferry to Germany, ect. ect. Everthing costed something compared to when it's a concet in Denmark I only need to pay for the tickets and how to get there (I'm lucky I have nce parents that will drive me)

I know it is expensive, and you would think I'm over travelling to other countries - but no. I'll leave in the end of June for London, where I will see Taylor Swift. To defend myself, she is the only one I would travel so long for.

"But Sofie, that much money for a two hour show?" YES that long and that amount of money for two hours. It's so much more than a two hors show. Like I started this blogpost with saying it is somethng special seeing the peson perform the songs live. But it's so much more than that as well.
When you are waiting in queue outside the arena, you get to talk to people and everyone is just excited and friendly. People dress up in weird costumes, I'm one of them, and everone is simpy just happy, the only "mad" person I have seen at a concert was a boyfriend that went to One Directon with his girlfriend who was fangirling hard.

When I found out I was going to Berlin to see Taylor last year I started geting ready for it and talking to people on the internet abot where they were seated, or what they would wear ect. And one of the girls I talked to back then, is one of my best friends today. She is from Czech Republic and I'm from Denmark. Now we don't only talk about concerts, but eveything.
Concerts is a great way to meet new people - new friends across the world.

Inside the arena it is like that as well. The atmosphere is incredible, and it's crazy to think about tht so many different people is there for the exact same thing, but has so many different stories why they're there. It's facinating to me.

Last night I again went to a concert, to see the band 5 Secnds Of Summer with a girl I three year ago met over the internet, and last night we together saw a band that is a reason that we even met.

Can you guess who is my favorite? (hint: the drummer, Ashton)
Remember to sing, cry, laugh, scream, jump, dance this week - wether it's to a concert or in your room to the record.


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