Friday, 22 May 2015

Exams, stress and a little getaway

Today I have one week left of public school! That is so crazy after 10 years with these people.
But after we have celebrated that, it's time to study for all our exams... And already now we, especially myself, are stressed about it. So it's the final call for a little getaway, before a few weeks with stressing. But how can you really enjoy the getaway if you know you should be home studying instead? Well, I have worked it out, and so can you. Because I'm this weekend I'm going away for a few days. And I think you should go have some time for yourself too.

I think it's really important that we sometimes allow yourself to just take a break. I know from myself I'm the kind of person that want everything I do to be 100% perfect, and often forget to think about myself and how I feel, because I often stress too much and never give myself a break from all of that.

I'm not talkin "I'll take a break every 5 minutes of studying", no I mean work hard! But never so hard that you end up being even more stressed and tired that you feel like you can't do more. I know that feeling too well, and I'm starting to "train" myself to be better at not stressing. I know from my exams this year, that I felt a lot less stressed about an exam than my friend did, because I have worked 1-2 hours on it everyday, instead of not working on it for a week and had to work on it two whole days.

I think that is the secret. Work a little everyday, but turn of you phone, Facebook ect. so you have time to really focus on what you are doing. Beleive me, it's much better than having to do anything at once, and it also takes longer if you check your phone every 5 minutes (Also a thing I know too well)
And if you work a little every day, you will also have time to do things you like to do yourself. Example from myself; I have finally found time to read more, after I have begun to dispose my time better.

Everything have seem to be happening in the exam-period; There was The Color Run, a concert, another concert, a family trip ect ect. And I wanted to go to or join all of these things, and I managed to get to all of these things except for Color Run.
I thought about how I could do that. And I ended up not going to The Color Run beacause I know it will come back next year, and I knew that these concerts I will never have the chance to experience again. But I also told myself that if I really wanted to use 2x a whole day on a concert I needed ahead in my exam stuff. If you really want something you need to work for it. It also feels nicer to be at the (Ex.) concert knowing that you can be in the moment and not having that little voice in your head telling you that you should be home with your head in a book insted.

That is the tactics I have used this past few weeks, and done again this week. I'm this weekend going away with my boyfriend and his family. We are going to sail canoe and sleeping in tents, and I have no ide how to do that and I'm terrified, I'm not an outside person. But it will be fun, and I think it is good that I get away before 3 weeks with exams. But I only do it because I know I have worked hard on my stuff, and have enough so I can be away for three days. I think it is a good thing to do, getting time for other things, and training myself to not stress.

Please remember to take care of youself, and also have time to do what you really want to do. Yes, also study because "education is important", but in the end, what is the most important is how YOU are, and then everything is going to work out in the end, don't you think?


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