Friday, 15 May 2015

Lipsticks and details

(Photo: From left: "Snob" by MAC - "Rebel" from MAC - Red lipstick by the brand MUD sent to me from a friends in Australia - "Dragon Girl" by NARS - "Fawn Fatale" by L'Oreal Paris - "Rouge Idole" by Lancome Paris - "Dark night waterl-oops!" no 380 by Rimmel London - "Rosetto by Kate Moss" no 31 by Rimmel London)

A lot of my friends have asked me how I can wear lipsticks. And to be honest with you all I was terrified when I walked into school for the first time wearing a red lipstick. I did get comments on it, and someone even asked me if I could "turn the red a little down". And I guess it is like that everytime you try something new out. I still  get a little scared when I'm trying out a new and different outfit. I think it is because I now have known these people in my class for about 10 years (Danish school system) and they have seen me change and go through all of these awkward stages in my life, and if you "suddenly" come in weaing something new, not what you normally would wear, and they get kind of "shocked".

I don't get comments on my lipstick anymore, other than a boy that always ask me who I'm gonna kiss, and I always answer "No one, that would ruin my lipstick".
I've come to that point where they now are used to that I sometime turn up in something new and "stange" or try new things out and also where I don't really care anymore.
That will start all over again when I next year start in a new class on a new school (I'm terrified but excited... help)
I will be scared to wear lipstick and different outfits the first days i think, I don't want to be the weird girl, you know. But on the other hand I could also the first day wear something really strange, then they woukd not be surprised if I came in something new. See my problem?

A girl one asked me how lipstick could look good on me, when it never looked good on her. One of my inspirations to red lipstick was Taylor Swift (surprise) her red lipstick is one of her "go to"-looks, and it just adds a little somethign to an outfit.
As I said before I was scared to wear red lipstick, so I started wearing it at home, so I got used to see myself with lipstick and how it feels on my lips. After I started feeling like I could rock this shit I one day just said to myself: "You are wearing lipstick today, you don't care what anyone says because you look damn good, girl" And I believe that if you feel comfortable wearing what you wear it will shine through. You know when you can see that someone is not comfortable with what they wear. If you think you look good, no one can make you not look good.

Lipstick can be a good detail to wake up a boring outfit. It's the details that most of the time is the most important part of an outfit, at least I think that. The details can be everything; lipstick, jewelry, bags, shoes, belts and so on.
I got an all bright pink bag the other day from a friend to the family, and I normally never like pink, but I felt like this could be a really good detail for an outfit. So i wore it with an all black jumpsuit, silver jewelry, and then I had pink details. It was my pink lipstick, the bag and even the shoelace. And I threw over a denim jacket and was ready to go.
Details did a lot to my black jumpsuit.

It don't have to be pink, it couls be red, or even purple. I like to wear a simple outfit, but add my dark purple hat and the "rebel" lipstick from MAC.
Mix and match as you like. Don't be scared to try out new outfits, a new lip colour. Just do you, and do what you like.


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