Saturday, 30 May 2015

Moment of the week

This week has been a crazy one! I've had ups and downs, I've been stressed and tired from everything and slept everyday after school, but luckily the hard work was worth it and it all ended good! But sadly I had no time to do a blogpost before this one, bear with me the next couple of weeks because of exams.

In Denmark we have public school for 10 years (0-9th grade) and it is a tradition that when the 9th grades have their last school day before exams we dress up, throw candy at all the younger classes, have a show for the whole school, play soccer againt the teachers, and after that just PARTY!
The whole week we had to plan our show, and most of the time it was a giant chaos to get about 45 people to do what was the plan and also getting for exams next week.

But finally it became Friday and it was the last day of public school. 10 years with these people, 3650 days, and this was our last. We had so much fun and our showed actually did worked out! I was the host, I was so nervous I almost had passed out, but I did it! - We all did it! And all the little kids got a lot of candy!

Our soccer game againt the teachers went well, we won 5-2. After the game we all 45 people waited for the bus, and headed to the city where all the other 9th grades also where to drink, talk and dance a little. It was a beautiful place, a park with view over the lake.
 After that ended we all, a few of us a little drunk, went to McDonalds to get something to eat before we went home to get ready for the next party where it just was our school.

I never had more fun with these people than yesterday. When it is your last day together you really realize how much they have meant for you and how much impact they have had on your life the last many years. I have lived more of my life with them than without that, and that is scary it is going to end.
Thank you for the last 10 years and for yesterday.

Remember to be thankfull for all the poeple in your life. Yhey have such a huge impact on your every day, and on who you are.



Before the show


If you waant to, you can watch the whole show here! :-)

And after the show, well I don't have much after there... ;-)
Good luck to everyone out there having exams soon!


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