Friday, 26 June 2015

Get ready with me!

Yesterday was a big day. I oficially finished public school after 10 years. We all dressed up and got our diploma and all our grades. It was a very happy day, but also sad because it was our last time together after so many years.
I, of course, also dressed up, but I normally don't use make-up (other than lipstick) so I always get my friend to do it for me. And she made me look pretty. I wanted something that wasn't too much for the more elegant thing at the school, but still could last long and look cool for the after party, so here is what she did in pictures (with an before + after):

I'm leaving for London tonight, so stay around for next week where it will be the end of June (which means favorites) and A LOT of things from London is planned, let's hope it all work out after the plan - I hope to see you back here!


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