Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Summer Essentials

It's June! Which means it is actually summer. The weather has been acting crazy and it's like it's not quite ready to be summer warm yet. So when it one afternoon was a little warm and nice outside, I got an idea. And the idea is this blogpost on my summer essentials. So here we go!

I have always been a denim shorts girl. And even tho I love my denim, I have never really felt completely comfortable and have always been stuggling to find the perfect pair. So for this year I wanted to try something different out and went with a soft, loose material in my favorite blue colour, with a little lace at the legs. I love them! And I'm excited to style these thrughout the summer.

Nail polish 
In the summer I also like wearing bright, warm colours on my nails. It adds something to your skin and makes it look more tan, at least I think that.
I like to wear the gold from OPI on my fingernails, it's not too much, but still enough to add a little something.
And the orange fra pieces is really nice on the toes, and if you wear sandals it's a cute littel thing to show off.
And the orange coulr look even cuter in these sandals from H&M. I bought them last year and have been loving them ever since. The brown and the orange will make you look more tan than you actually are (Which is good for a pale one like me). They basically go with every outfit in the summer, for me.
And the good thing is they don't take up a lot of space when you are packing for a holiday, and I'm going away to a few different destinations this year. So excited!

Another thing I will be taking with me is my  lipstick. I love lipsticks in bright colours. For me, my favorite bright colour to wear is the "Dragon girl" lip pencil from NARS. It is the perfect red colour, and on a nice summer evening, it can do something to a outfit that you wear, that is nothing special.
And this year for my birthday I got this beautiful pink colour "Snob" from MAC. And this colour somehow makes me more tan looking, and I'm not tan at all, so that is great! I personally think that is a good colour for the day time, it can also be reallt naturally looking, and if it fade away when you're at the beach, it will not look stupid.

The summer dress
This is a must! I love my dresses, especially in the summer, and I lately spotted this cute one in H&M, and that was it I was sold, I needed it. It is simply white (Which if you get a little tan, will make you look more tan) and you can tie it in at the waist. It has a lace at the top. It has strappy strops, but has like an off-shoulder thing going on as well. It looks so cute on, and is perfect for just throwing on a lazy day, or you can dress it up in the evening, if it is what you need.

I always buy a new bikini every summer, but this year I actually fell in love with my old one from two years ago. It is bright neon green and is from Femilet.
I'm in love with the triangl swimwear I see everywhere on Instagram, but I think this is close enough for me. And if I am lucky to get a little tan this year it will suit me well.
The white dress would also look cute over the bikini on the way to the beach.

The big hat
So I bought this hat a long time ago, and I haven't worn it properly yet - Denmark is just too windy. So my hope for this summer is that I can get to wear this hat, without it flying of my head.
I just find that this hat can do a lot for an outfit, or a lot of outfits I have been planning actually.
I'm a little scared to wear it because I'm scared people will look weird at me, but like it is for me with so many other things I just have to do it and don't care, because I hella love it, and nothing else counts to be honest.
The fragrance
To me I love the citrus-yellow-fresh kind of smell all year around, but expecially in the summer it is my go to sent.
Taylor Swift - no surprise because I'm a big fan- have made a fragrance I see as my favorite and the one I wear the most out af all my fragrances.
It has this fresh and cute sent to it, and I see it as my signature sent, because I wear it the mest, and it always makes me happy. Everytime I wear it I get a compliment on my perfume. "Taylor by Taylor Swift", I just tell them

The Denim Jacket
I love my denim jackets, it's a cute way to either do something to your outfit, or just throw over if youre going somewhere. They are in different colours, sizez, you can get them ripped or just keep them as they are. There is so many opportunities.

Polaroid camera
I got it as a christmas gift in 2014, and I have been loving it. I haven't been taking so many photos before the end of last month, I feel like the photos I take need to be something special, as it can't be done over. But for the summer I will me clicking a lot on my camera, I want to have as many polaroids as possible. Last year I had a little jar where I wrote a note on 2014 memories, and this year my polaroid camera is my 2015 memories saver.

I hope you all have a nice summer! So many exciting things planned!


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