Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tea time!

I'm in the middle of my oral exams, so it is the worst time ever to begin to feel ill. For the last two days my throat have been hurting, burning and feeling sore, all I wanted was to sleep and the last thing I wanted to do was thinking about my exams. So I've been drinking a lot of tea the past days, and not only does it help on my throat, but it is also good for you, let me tell you some facts:

1. There are no calories in tea
2. Tea can make you calm down and comfort you
3. Tea can make you sleep at night
4. Your skin will look better
5. Chamomile tea fights diabetes and help with cramps
6. Green tea will help you lose weight and help on you metabolism
7. White tea prevents cancer!
8. Keep you energy levels stable by balancing sugar levels
9. To the coffee drinker; tea is much easier to make
10. Almost any cultures have their own kind of teas, so no matter where toy travel you can get tea!
11. You can make it just as you want to; warm, strong or sweet? Or all of them!
12. Try to think of it as a liquid hug on a sad day that will make you smile
13. Tea can create a calmer, but more alert state of mind
14. Strength you immune defences
15. Tea can like water keep you hydrated
16. Green tea helps your bones to stay healthy
17. Drinking unsweetened black tea could help fix bad breath
18.  freeze-dried nettle leaf may improve allergy symptoms
19. It helps your digestibe system
20. Tea has the same ammount of caffeine as coffee, but will get you going longer than coffee


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