Monday, 20 July 2015

A day at the beach

I'm on holiday again, and even though this summer is colder than we are used to in Denmark it didn't stop me from going to the beach. When you are going to the beach you need to take some things with you, and this is what I brought with me:

Location: Sejerø, Denmark

 I carry all my things in this green bag. It is so old, I got it frm my mom that told me that "Kalle" was a clothing brand once. I have been using this bag for years now.

The first thing i get out is my towel that has my name on it.

I of cause have a book with me I can read while I hope to get a little tan. At the moment I'm reading the second book in the Fifty Shades series, nothing I'm really excited about, but it is okay.

You need to have something to drink and eat with you. Water is  must to stay hydrated in the summer. I also brought a soda to get something else than just water, and some grapes that is my favorite snack at the moment.

My cameras I have with me everywhere in the summer. I want to capture everything so I have all the memories to look back on. I both have the polarid camera, and a digial Canon Ixus.

For what i wore:

Flip flops is a must have in the summer. Mine is from Nike, and have lasted for years now. They are the most comfortable flip flops I've had.

I've always thought that I looked crazy with unglsses, and that is why I almost never wear any. But I bought this pair in Primark when I was here this summer in London and they're okay.

 I bought this hat from H&M a loooong time ago, but because of the Danish weather I have not been able to use it as much as I hoped. But when I had the opportunity that day, I did it!
And my bikini is from Femilet, and is from last season.

And over that I had my grey dress from Vero Moda. I have had this for so long now. I bought it on sale, and at that time I wasn't really a "dress girl" but now I'm so happy that I bought it because it is perfect for throwing over a bikini on the way to the beach, or you can throw a sweater over it and it would work as a skirt. It is great for layering.


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