Friday, 31 July 2015

July favorites

Another month is now by it's ending, and there is just one official summer month left and the shops aready started to bring out the pre-fall collections. I have been away to so many different places this summer, and all the places I have found new things to love, but there is a few things that have been with me to all the places or have sticked with me through the month. So here they are (mostly clothes though)!:

Polaroid camera:
I have been to so many places, as I said, so I have loved documenting it wih my cameras. In the summe ri tend to use my polarid even more, and I love every photo I have from it. It captures the feeling, the place and the heart in a special way, and everytime I look at them on my wall I get taken back and smile.

The weather in Scandinavia have not been the best this summer, and to be hnest I havn't been bathing much, but the opportunities have been there and I have used it. I have used a mint green one, that I got a few years back, and I showed in my "Summer Essentials" blogpost a few weeks ago. I also got a black simple one, and that is acually the oe I have used the most.

I this month managed to grow my nails long without them cracking and looking disgusting. I tried out many nail polishes but my favorite was no. 204 from Loreal Paris, a pretty nude pink colour. I think it looks naturally, yet pretty, girly and feminin - without it being too pink. I'm not a huge fan af pink.

Maxi Skirt:
Keeping up with the skirts I found my black maxi skirt from last year, and it have been perfect for a cloudy summerday, because it's light, but still cover your legs if its get chilly.

Black shoulder bag:
I got this last year from my grandmother, because I needed a bag and didn't have one with me. And now it is my favorite, it goes with almost every outfits, and it has the perfect size for what I just need to tae with me, it even can have my polaroid camera inside. I used it so much that it have been broken two times now, and I'm happy that it could be fixed every time.

Okay, this is a little weird, but it have been perfect for mornings you wake up early to go and make breakfast or for days you stay in bed all day. As the bag, it was one I got from my grandmother, and it is so nice and soft and smels like her and all my chldhood memories. I can't wait to use this in weekends when I'm tired from school and just having a Netflix marathon.

This bracelet and necklace my grndmother bought for me and this market that we went to on the island, Sejerø. And I have been wearing it a lot lately, and I really really like it. The colour is so pretty - blue is my colour.

Plaid shirt:
I have a few of these, so it's nothing new to me or anything challenging for me to wear, but this shirt in particular I have been looking on in H&M since forever, but it has always been sold out in my size. But I was lucky to find it in Sweden - on sale! How lucky can I be? Fact: I have used it ever since.

Most of this was clothing, but its have been one of the only thing I have had with me when I have been travelling. Next month will hopefully have a lot of things as I'm starting scholl again, even on a new school! Things get back to normal again, and there will be more everyday things.
Hope you stay here until next months favorites.


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