Wednesday, 1 July 2015

June favorites

Another week have been, and this one feels like the shortest, yet the lngest because so many things happend.
I finished all my exams and got good grades - without feeling stressed! Which is a thing I'm so happy about. I graduated from public school and had to say goodbye to all of my lovely friends I had known for either 10 years og 3 years. The same day as we finished I flew to London with one of my best friends, and I got home yesterday night, which ewxplains why this is a little late, so let's get into it!:

Music: Why we actually left for London was in the beginning just meant as a short trip because of a concert with Taylor Swift. And we saw her! So the whole month I have listened to her old songs from the Fearless album, and to the knew ones from teh 1989 album.

Jewelry: It's not much of a jewelry, but it still is? I have been loving henna tattos since I went to a little festival her ein Denmark and got a few.

Holiday: I have had holiday for quite some time now, and I'm loving it! I love I don't have to wotty about my exams, and I have had so much time to myself. I have had the time to start running again, and sometimes even do a little workout.

Body: After a nice run I always like to treat myself and take a long and nice shower. I have recently bought the "The Body Shop Lemon Shower Gel" and I love it and it smell fresh and nice for the summer time

Reads: And because I have had so much time to myself I have been reading a lot. In a few days I had already read the book "Between the devil and the deep blue sea" and I loved how much I got into it and again, after a long time with school, lived in a books universe.

London: As I said I just got home from London, and I've had an amazing time over there. I love everything London, and I will soon do more posts about it. I have loved planning eveything for London, what I wanted to see, where we were going to stay, where was there good resturant? Just everything. But one thing I really loved about London was that there was so many different people, with so many different styles, and no one looked weird on another if they were wearing something weird. I would love to live in a city like that someday, where I just can wear whatever I like and mot get judged.

Style and fashion: A new blog I have found and love myself is called The Trend Pear. It is runned by two friends, Eleanor and Max from London. They both have style for boys and girls, and I love their taste and I love how they show it in pretty pictures,

I'm gonna travel a lot in July as well, so I'll be back with even more travel fun soon. Bring it on July! Until next time


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