Monday, 31 August 2015

August favorites

As much as I have loved summer and having holiday and realxing, I'm excited for bomb autumn outfits, warm sweaters, candles, hot chocolate, scarves and all the other things that autumn brings with it. Autumn also means that school officially has started and a normal routine and day is beginning again, I surely can feel that. As you can see on how much I have posted this moth it haven't been that much, and I'm sorry, but I promise you that I have great ideas for autumn. But it is still the last day of summer, and therefore I have some favorites for you:

School: As I said school has started, and one of my faves this month is actually school related. It's my new bagpack that I use for all my books. It's from eastpack and I'm so happy I finally got a good bag.

Planner: To keep control over my plans, work, school and blogposts I have this planner I have been loving. It's like a diary but only with little notes instead of long pages about how you feel. This on is from Mayland.

Music: I've listened to a lot of different music this month. I looove the song "Fight song" by Rachel Platten, and I've listened to it a lot in the beginning of August. It's the song that you dance to when it's on the radio.
Before starting school "Fearless" album by Taylor Swift was all I listened to, I just feel like it was all of these feelings I had.
Here in the end of August a new album came out. It's my Halsey and it's called "Badlands" and I've listened to it since it came out. The song colors is my new favorite song at the moment.

Recipe book and baking: In the weekends when I', having a chill day and just need to think of something else I've loved to bake something. So one day my mother and I sat down and I got all of her good recipes and new ones we need to try out, and it's just really fun.

Book of good things: Staying with the DIY books, I also love my "Book of good things" which is really nice to look in and make new things in when you feel down or just feel like you need to relax. I draw in it, write happy things, print out photos and put in. It's just a really personal book that I love.

Movies: I recently got into watching series and movies again. I'm now in season 2 of Gossip girl and in season 7 of Doctor who which I watch with my brother. I love having time to do that.

Beauty: I've for a long time been looking for a "Nude" lipstick so I have something else than my dark purples or red lips. I've found this color from the new Kate Moss serie for Rimmel, and it's numer 43, and it's super pretty and feels really nice on my lips.

Clothing: Okay, this is bore shoes. But the black boots you see in the first picture is my new babies, and you can wear them with everything. No more is needed to be said. They're from H&M!

Gaming: I love The SIms 3, it's no secret. And recently I've started playing it again now and then. It's just a really fun thing! But watvh out; You can easily use a whole day on it (Happend to me)

Shopping: So I've fallen in love with the brand and shop called Vila. I go into the store everytime I'm in the city, and I always find someething I want (I always look in the sales and hope all the new one will be there soon). I've just loved it, and I in the beginning of the sumemr bought a t-shirt there, and I love it! Go check it out.


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