Friday, 7 August 2015

Back to school // Stressing, dressing, tips and more!

School start is right around the corner, and I'm hella nervous! But at least I know I have what I need. I tried to collect the things ou will need in school, and I'm happy I have already, so I know I have all the right things, that it's only myself I need to get ready.

Notebooks is always a good idea. I have three that I use. All the math stuff, that I don't like. My pencil case is super cute! It's an elephant as it is my favorite animal.
My calendar is my new favorite thing. I have had calanders before, but always been to lazy and wrote it on notes everywhere on my desk or typed it into my phone. But I like having something I can look in, and I will try to keep it this time, as I start a new school and I know I will get a lot more to look after!

When you're starting high school, like me (The danish school system might be different to where you're from) you already know that you will have a lot more homework to do, and maybe you also have a work and also want time with friends and family. I know I will be busy as I have all of that, plus I also want to keep this blog updated. I will try my hardest to make this blog work, as I really like doing it! And it is important that you will have time to do the things you love to do. Make sure to give yourself some time off so you not only is like "school, school, school!"

Planning is such a big part of getting older, especially when you are in the last years of school, as things often get a little harder. You have so much time, it's just how you use it!
With homework it is all about finding what works best for you. Some people like doing it in a group, other people like to sit by themselves. Some people find it best to do homework at home, other likes to stay at the school or somewhere they wont be distracted.
Planning is a good tip from me, often when I have a lot flying around I find it hard to focus on anything, then it helps to write it all down and plan things.

New school - HELP!
I'm staring on a new school this summer, and I'm really nervous. I will get to meet so many new people, hopefully get new friends, be at a new place, have new subjects, new teachers. Everything is new.
The people part is the one that scare me the most at the moment. The people in my old class had known me since I was 6 years old till I was 16 years old. Now all new people need to know me - and accepting me. What if they don't like me?
I think in the beginning it is good to take all the opportunities you have to be social. Go meet new people, talk. If you want to be friends with people, people wants to be friends with you, I think that is how it works. If you have the chance go hang out with people and maybe get some new friends. Make plans.
I fear a lot of things in the classroom. I'm afraid to look stupid infront of the people I don't know. But I think I need to think like, that the teacher get paid to teach you, so don't be afraid to ask something or say someting. You live, you learn.

Tips and tricks:

  • One thing that I know I will need when I start school, is food. Now it have been summer my "food system" have been fucked up. I have eaten breakfast late, if I didn't skip it and go to lunch when I woke up. When I start I know I need a good breakfast, so I wont be hungry, because when I'm hungry I can't focus and then there is a long time until lunch. And ALWAYS keep a snack, like some fruit, and a waterbottle in you back. These things can save you (trust me)
  • This tip I should listen to more myself; choose sleep over youtube and instagram. Get at least 8 hours, you can feel it in your whole body, and you head will seem more clear and ready to learn, when you have had a good sleep. Maybe you have a essay you need to write or something like that, but sleep is important people!
  • I think I've said it a lot of times now; I'm nervous. One thing I'm the most nervous about is if I'm going to drown in school and forget that I have a life outside of it and all the homeworks. So I have made some rules for myself and they are:
    - Do your homework - but only to that point where you did not spend over time on it, and you don't feel stressed.
    - Have time to do the things you love, and want to do. Thing I need to have time for: Family, friends and boyfriend. Skype with my friends from Australia and Czech Republic, and skype with my best friends who will move to Austria for a year. Keeping contact is important.
    - And last but not least, have a "you day". Sunday is my favorite day, so this day I would like to keep at clean as possioble so I can fill it with the things I love.
  • When I say sport, it don't talk to a lot of people, but trust me it do help to exericise. If you don't do a sport it doesn't matter, you can either start running or just go for a long walk. Studies shows that 30 minutes outside a day, helps a lot. And I understand that, because it clears your head and mind, and leaves you ready for a lot more things (as example lets say homework).
Going outide is also a good way to stress down. One of the things I'm really scared of now I'm starting real serious, is that I will be too stressed about everything, and not enjoying it as I want to. 
It's so diffent from person to person how we feel when we feel stressed. For me it is often all the things that build it up, and then one little thing will make me lose it completly. I have (almost) found a way to deal with it when I start to feel stressed, but if you haven't and it's a problem for you, THIS video on youtube is a good help.

What I decide to wear on my first day is still a mystery, but it don't have to be for you. If you don't have a school uniform (sometimes I'm jealous on these because that means no "I don't know what to wear I have nothing!!"-situation) you should check out THIS video.

I hope you all have a good start in school. I'll try to still post as much as possible. 


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