Monday, 3 August 2015

Second hand shops

We all know they exist, and everytime we ask someone where they got that fancy shirt and they reply: "In a second hand shop" we wonder why we don't shop in them more often. Well, that's the case for me at least.

Luckily I got a nice friend who showed me the coolest second hand shops in Copenhagen, and I found the best bargains, and most of the clothes look like it's never been used before.
So why don't we go there more often?

I love getting new clothes, and I love the feeling when I know I look good in something I just bought or if i bought something I've been wanting for so long. I love the smell of new - and that is the problem, I guess - that it's not new.

I was surprised by how much great and almost new clothes you could find in a second hand or charity shop. I think the clothes that often end in stores like that is the clothed people buy, but never really use.

There is also second hand shops where it's old but new. We went to a shop called Episode (where the photos are from) in Copenhagen, where they take maybe two different shirts and sew them together to a new one. Or what i bought; an old dress that was now a flower skirt and crop top - and it was hella cute.

The things I like about a charity/ second hand shop is that 1) the money often goes to charity 2) it's cheap so 3) If you don't like it it wasn't a waste of a lot of money and 4) it's often old clothes ypu find or old collections, so you will never have the same clothes as everyone else who bought what is out in the stores tight now.

I'm excited to show you what I bought in my next blog post, soon.


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