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Summer shopping haul

So I went crazy. When I knew I was going to London, I started saving up so I could buy whatever i wanted when I was there - and trust me it was so nice to have no worries! When I got home i saw that I had saved so much money that I still had some left, and I had the money to shop a little everywhere I went this summer.
I'm so excited and happy for everything that I got, and I can't wait to make pretty outfits for autmn and for when school starts next week.
BUT this video is NOT me showing off or anything. I'm simply just excited for everything that I bought.

 From left: black crop top from American Apparal. Calvin Klein underwear/crop tops. Bralette from Brandy Melville

I needed a black crop top for so long, a simple thing that you just can throw on, that fits you but still is comfotable. And this one looks so good with a skirt I had no idea how to style before.

I might be a little late on the Calvin Klein wave - but I am loving it! It's so soft. Aaaand now it's also Instagram worthy.

For the first time ever I went to Brandy Melville, and I could've bought the whole store in London. This bralette has these cute straps that will look good with a V-neck t-shirt.

 Plaid shirt from H&m. White button up from Jackpot.

This plaid shirt I have been in love with for so long, but in Denmark it was sold out in all siezes, but I found it on sale in Sweden in my size!

For a long time I have felt like I was missing a plain white button up, that you easy can throw on if you need to look a little more smart, or under a sweater for a cute colar effect. And this one was cheap, I found it in a second hand shop in Sweden!

 Sunflower shirt from American Apparel. Lace shirt from Bik Bok. Black top from H&M

I have forever been in love with the sunflower print from AA as it is my favorite flower. I saw this shirt and tried it on, and was actually not sure it would suit me, but i bought it anyway, and now it's my favorite. It looks so cute with my denim skirt you can see later.

The lace shirt is from Bik Bok and I always wanted something from Bik Bok, and when I found this one i a charity second hand shop I knew I had found my Bik Bok thing.

On dresses you often see the stap and then she sleeve kind of falling off the shoulder, and it's so cute! But I found this black top in a charity second hand shop, and fell in love. It's a cute top to wear to anything; and also a good thing to wear if you don't really want to overdress but is worried you will underdress.

Stripe t-shirt from Vila. White V-neck t-shirt from H&m 

For a long time I had been looking for the perfect stripey t-shirt, with not too thick stipes, but not to thick lines either. This shirt was on sale and i grabbed it. It will look perfect with blue jeans and a beige cardigan or brown jacket.

After I bought the bralette from Brandy Melville I was looking for a nice and soft v-neck t-shirt and went to H&M that always is the first place I look for my basics or if I just look for something special it will be the first place i check as it is cheap and good quality. And I found it! V-neck, nice and soft.

Brown turtleneck jumper. Beige pullover with lace-cut out back from H&M

Finally I found out that I can look good in a brown, now my hair is a little darker, and no one look bad in a turtleneck. It's the perfect thing for the chilly Dnaish weather and for the soon-to-be autumn weather! It will look good under a leather jacket if you want something a little edgey or it can look super cute under a denim jacket.

The beige coloured pullover is perfect for the late summer weather. What you see in this picture is the back, that cut up like a V upside down with a cute lace. I was in love and I know I will use this one so much.

Jumpers from Calvin Kelin

Two words: flea sales. I got these Calvin Klein jumpers for less than half price - for one normally! No more needed to say. Love them.

T-shirt from primark. Running tights from Pro Touch.

I don't really know what it was about this t-shirt, but I fell in love. It is a little cropped, but goes under your bellybutton. I have a feeling I will use this a lot on days where I don't know what to wear because it is a thing that looks good with all kind of jeans and skirts - everything.

Running is easy because you can choose when you want to do it and where, you can do it yourself or with a friend, family member, or your dog. I'm trying to get myself into running, just to do something and feel a little bit better about myself. I find it more funny to run if I have good clothes to run in, so when these were on sale I bought them, they fitted me, was comfortable, had apocket for my phone. Everything was perfect, and now I just gotta go!

White jeans from H&M. Blue jeans from Kappahl, Sweden. 

White jeans can change a outfit 100% and give it such a differnt look and personality. I'm still trying to work out if I can rock them. They're highwaisted and I just kind of liked them, and I hope I will use them as much as I thought I would. They actually look good with most of the t-shirts in this post as well, and a sweater is always good too. I like them.

Blue jeans has been on my wishlist for so long. I actually wanted some in the boyfriend/mom jeans style, but apperently I was dragged by these, and they looked good on me, so it was a win win. But still I will try find som boyfriend/mom jeans I can rock!

Denim skirt from Zara. Blue flower skirt from Hennes Collection

A denim skirt was my must have for this summer, and I know I will use it in the autumn season as well with boots, a jacket and a turtleneck. This one is soft and comfatable, and not stiff like I imagined them to be. I'm in love, and with my sunflower shirt it is perfect.

This blue skirt I found in a second hand shop in Sweden, I thought it was cute, and I took the battle to get it to look good with something. It is a little hard but I threw ower a white sweater. If it's not sweater weather it would look cute with a white crop top I think. This skirt is a thinker, but I'm ready to try.

 Plaid dress from Gina Tricot. Oversize tank top dress from Brandy Melvile

Something about the plaid on a dress talked to me and a million ideas popped up in my head. It's a short dress so I think it will look cute with knee socks, boots, a jacket or something like that in the autumn. It is just perfect!

This top is so soft you can't even imagine. It is not really a thing I normally would go for, but I thught it would look so cute with bralettes under, because it is loose and had deep cut outs for the arms and neck, so you will be able to see what you wear under. My lace bralettes, Calvin Klein or the Brandy Melville bralette is so cute under.

Dresses from Second Hand shop Lindra in Sweden

This dress is so cute. My mother found it, normally I would look twice at it, but then i tried it on and it fitted me so good. I feel pretty and elegant when I wear it, and I used it for my grandmothers birthday this summer. It was perfect for a summer party.

50's style, YES! I love dresses from that time, and this dress is so pretty. The skirt pops a lot and it has big white buttons on the back, and a belt that makes the skirt pop even more and makes you look thin and really elegant. I matched this with a red lipstick and red Keds shoes for a dinner in Copenhagen. It was perfect.

Skirt and matching crop top from Episode, Copenhagen.

I talked about this shop called episode in my last blogpost about second hand shops. It's super cute and so summer time. But you can also wear the crop top with a pait of jeans or the skirt with the brown turtleneck I got from Vila. You have so many opportunities with this outfit.

Black leather jacket from Only. Brown leather jacket from Pull and Bear. 

I am such a happy girl. I feel like a leather jacket can give so much to an outfit. And if you change the color of the lether it can be two completly differnt outfits. I have wanted a leather jacket for so long, and I loved wearing my black one, but then an idea got into my mind of a brown leather jacket. This brown one was on sale in London and I took the chance - and I love it.

 Boots from Forever 21. White sunglasses from Accessories. Black sunglasses from Primakr. It by Alexa Chung. Calender Planner from Mayland.

The sun have actuallly not been that much out, so I haven't really used the sunglasses sadly. But I loved them in London when I bought them, and it was sunny walking around. And everytime it is possible I will use them!

When I bought my brown leather jacket I wanted some boots to go with it as I thought it would be the perfect match for autumn. I found these and had to.

It by Alexa Chung had for a long time been on my wishlist. I found it in Urban Outfitters in London and bought it. I liked all the photos in there, but honestly I thought it would be so much more differnt, so I'm not really sure how I feel about it.

Planning everything is nothing new for me to do. And the summer is almost over and school starts again in next week, so I need somewhere to put all my homework, plans for the week, and blogposts i need to do and publish. I'm excited to see how it will go!


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