Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sunday routine // treat yourself

In my "Back to school" blogpost I did, I said that Sunday was my "Me time day" where I do the things that I love doing. In a "Sunday Series" that will be the next three sundays, I will show you what I do the first of the day sunday - my favorite day of the week.
Continued from last week, read the first HERE

Sunday is my favorite day and also the last day of the week. Last blogpost in this serie were the workout routine, and after a run and a workout you need a shower!

On sundays I take a long, nice and worm shower after my workout. It is nice to do that once in a while, because during the week I'm busy and only have time to do a quick shower. My sunday showers I just scrub the week off and get ready for a new one.

I start off by starting some music. I started to really like the playlist on Spotify, under "Mood" you can find a lot of different ones that fit the situations perfectly.

Before getting into the shower I do my skincare rutine, you can read it HERE

I of course wash my hair. For my body I like to use a lot of different things, but here in the summer I like a fresh sent, and the Sweet Lemon from The Body Shop, is perfect.
Sometimes I also use a body scrub, to just scrub off the week, and get ready for the new one, as I said. The one I use at the moment is the Peach one from The Body Shop too.

After the shower I use a body lotion, to match the fresh summr sents I would use the Taylor by Taylor Swift, but in the winter I often use something else.

I think it is really important to treat yourself sometimes. There is so many different ways to do it. In the morning I would do this. The other day I went shopping things for myself. In the afternoon I would lit some candles in my room and paint or read a book. Do what you like to do.
It is important that we sometimes remember ourself.



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