Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sunday ruotine // Workout

In my "Back to school" blogpost I did, I said that Sunday was my "Me time day" where I do the things that I love doing. In a "Sunday Series" that will be the next three sundays, I will show you what I do the first of the day sunday - my favorite day of the week.
I try to wake up a little early on sundays, both so I get a long and nice day, but also so I have a chance to feel a little tired when I need to sleep. I have for a long time struggled, that I could not sleep on sunday night before waking up early again monday morning for school. This have been a new thing I have done, and it has worked fine until now. I normally sleep till aroun 8.30 - 9 am (It's not as long as I could sleep to be honest, but I'm fine) So set your alarm folks!

I normally don't really eat breakfast before I do the workout, because I will feel like I'm heavy and can't lift myself when I go running. If you feel best with eating before that is perfect! Sometimes if I wake up and I'm hungry I'll take a glass of water and eat something light, like a fruit or something.

You guessed it; the first thing I will do is going for a run. I don't run a marathon and don't have plans to do it. For me it is the most important that I actually do something, no matter how long or for how long I run. It is a victory that I made it out of bed! I run around the 2-3 kilometers (I try to do this it 2-3 times a week).

In the picture you can see what I normally would wear. A sports t-shirt from Adidas. Sports bra. Either running shorts or long tights depending on the weather. I also have a thing on me knee as I once hurted it, and it still can hurt.

When I come home from the run, I'll get a waterbottle (500ml) and drink it, maybe not all now, save some while you workout. I have started to try and drink some water every morning, because when you wake up in the morning your body is dehydrated after hours of sleep - we need to wake it up again!
If I did not eat before the run I will eat something light now. I like fruits, at the moment banana is my best friend - that I eat. It is different if I eat this before the workout or after the workout.

The workout. I have two different workouts I like to do. You can do both of these inside or outside. I like to do it in my room, but if you like going to the gym, that is great!

Workout 1 - inspired by Niomi Smart :

Dips - 15 reps
- if at home you can use a chair.
Press Ups - 15 reps
- cross legs half way through if it gets really hard.


Squats with 6KG weights - 15 reps
Lunges with 6KG - 15 reps each leg (30 altogether)

Crunches with knees up - 15 reps
Toe-Touch Crunches - 15 reps


Side Plank, plank, side plank - 30 seconds each

5 minutes spin bike - 40 seconds fast, 20 seconds slow.
- Go for a 5-10 minute sprint if working out from home.

Workout 2 
I will do most of this in drawings that I found because I find it hard to explain these. This workout takes about 12 minutes, without long pauses:

1. Stand up, then "curl" into a bowl by folding you hands infront of your chest. Unfold by slowly staning up straight leaning your arms backwards.  Do it for 30 seconds
It's a nice and calm way to start a workout

2. Hold this position for 30 seconds
3. Side plank. Do this on both sides for 30 seconds each
4. Plank. Try hold it for 1 minute
5. "Jumping squats". Not really what we normally would call a jumping squat. Stand in a squat position, then fast bend down and touch the ground and jump a little while you clap your legs together, and then hold the squat again. 1 minute

6. Press-ups for 30 seconds. You can do it on your knees, that is what I do.
7.  On each leg 30 seconds

8. Squats hold for 30 seconds
9.  30 seconds. Keep your legs over the ground.
10. Side abs. I find this so hard apperently. 1 minute

11. 30 seconds. Stand in plank and lift your knee up to the opposite arm

12.Lift up your legs and butt, so all your weight is on your shoulders

13. Lunges. 1 minute

14. Crunches 30 seconds
15. Lay on your back with your head resting on your hands, under your chin. Lift your head with your hands, and then lay down again. Repeat. 30 seconds.

16. Last one! Stand up straight with your arms out from your body. Turn your arms in small cirkels for 30 econds - DONE

These are the two workouts I like to do at the moment. You can always change out some of these and replace it with things you like better. It is all up to you! 
Can't wait to see you here next sunday for more sunday me time!


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