Thursday, 27 August 2015

Throwback Thursdays: Island Sejerø


Video from the small Danish island, Sejerø. And if you have been reading for a long time on my blog, you'll know that most of my family live there which is why we spend such a long time there every summer.

The video was actually meant to be a travel video like I had made from my other holidays this summer. And it is - sort of. The video starts with the clips I had from where I am, the nature and my surroundings, but as I reached the bridge and the end of the song, it got hard to find clips that could match the music (I've tried to do the clips in rythm to the music this time), and most of what I had left was clips of myself, my boyfriend, and the two of us together, that I didn't really think should be in the video.So an idea hitted me; my boyfriend and I have been through a hard time. He was away on boarding school for a year, and now we are finally back together.So: In the beginning of the video I'm alone on the island, he is not there. But then in the first chours he is there "It's you that I've been waiting to find", he came to me because I had a hard time and he knew I needed him. As I said, in the ending I started to run out of new clips, so I clipped all the ones that I had used before, into a "throwback" kind of, but i finished the clips, so you saw all of that I normally would have cutted off, because most of the clips ended with me and my boyfriend. So basically; you get answers to all of the clips - my answer to it all - Him. The one I've been waiting to find.This video is now to celebrate we made it through that year, and now we can make it through anything. I love you, T.

Watch it above or HERE


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