Thursday, 13 August 2015

Throwback Thursdays: London

 Now school has officially started for me, and I'm back in school. It's a new school with new people, and I'm so happy. If I had knew it would be like this I wouldn't have been nervous at all.
But that school is here again also means that the holidays are over. I was lucky to get to travel a lot this year.
As I love being creative I also love to challenge myself to do creative things. My newest thing I'm trying to learn is how to edit videos. For all the places I have been going this year I have been taking videos, and made a video.
I'm ready to show them to you now. For all the videos I have done, they are getting better and better, and I have kept them as I made them in the first round, so you can see how much I learned in so little time.

Above here the video from London. Or the link HERE on my youtube which now I hopefully will post to sometimes.

London was amazing. It was my first time ever being on a plane, so already step one by travelling was new.
The city, that is now my favorite (as I haven't been a lot of places) was magical. Everyone was nice, and said "hi" or "sorry". I loved how people dressed like they want to, and no one judged them for that. I would love some day to live a place like that, so I really could wear whatever I liked and walk out with confidence like " I look great today" and just knowing that people don't give you weird looks, because the have seen something more weird than me. That was nice.
I can see myself sitting on a cute cafe, drinking british tea while looking at all the beautiful people who walk by in they pretty, yet so different from the next persons, outfit.
It's an inspiring city.

I hope you like my video. As I said, this is not the best, But come back here for the next three thursdays, and see so much more.


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