Monday, 28 September 2015

The September Sky

It's that time of the year again. It's the beginning month of a season of three, like all the other seasons, but something is special; September is here. The autumn is here.

The wind get's colder, the leaves  turn into the warmest and prettiest colours, so it feels less cold to walk outside in the fresh wind which makes your cheeks and nose turn the colour of the leaves. They go through all of this change, just to fall of and end their lives, just so they can watch their children the next year do exactly the same.

It's too cold in the misty morning to leave without a sweater, and it's too hot in the middle of the day to not take it off again. This month tricks us, It's never what we think it will be, and never when we think it will be.

The rain against the window makes a sad, yet so calming sound. The sleepless night seem less lonely when the rain is there as your company, until you fall into your dreams.
When you wake up the next morning, all there is left of your friend who kept your company all night under the moon, is a puddle as you walk to school under the sun, who does not feel so warm like it did just one month ago.

A lot can happen in just one month. One month ago you were still on holiday, and now you're trying to swin instead of drown in all of the homework you get.
Some people will love the autumn and all of the beautiful things that comes with it, and some can't stand that autumn is the season where it begins to be darker and colder and they will escape on an airplane to somewhere warmer.

I believe these people haven't looked up in September. Looked up and seen the beautiful sky.
The sky is always beautiful. It's crazy to think about how something can look so different all the time, and still be the same. It's fascinating. It's like us; we can always change our clothes and how we want people to see us, but we will always be the same under all of that.

It can be blue, it can be pink, it can be cloudy and grey, but the thing about Septembers sky, is that it looks so much more than far away. Everyone get's so small under the sky of September, imagine looking down from the clouds.

When your thoughts are cloudy and grey, just like the sky, even then look up, and dream yourself as far away as the sky is that day in September.
Even when the day is okay, and the sun is shining from the blue September sky, you should look up.

Remeber that the month of September, is the month that have that special sky, and it will be okay that you walk with your head in your clouds.


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