Thursday, 10 September 2015

Video Inspiration

The past 4 thursday I have been sharing my videos from my summer, and how I edit videos, and how I'm trying to get btter and better.
All of his inspiration come from people I follow on youtube, and who inspire me to do these videos. I have collected a few of my favorite videos here, to maybe get you inspired.

The first video is by Orion Carloto. The thing I love about this video is the atmosphere, and the clips which is used. It gives you all this mood that is hard to explain, but for me it's really beautiful.

The second video is actually from H&M, and I just think this video is funny but yet tells something good, and I love the people who are used for this video.

Moving on to something clothes related I have two different videos. The first one is by TheLine Up who  are two swedish girls who do outfits. I love the way they put together their videos.
The second of my clothing videos is by FleurDeForce, and she just do something special in this video with the colours, and I really really like it.

Moving frm clothes to travels. This video by Ingrid Nielsen makes you want to travel to everywhere she tells you about, but this one about New York, is so so so pretty.

Last but not least my all time favorite video. I love this video, because it tells exactly how I feel, and how everyone should feel the same way about something they love to do. And on the other hand, I love the way Connor Franta decided to tell this, by putting it into a video, and how beautiful he made it. This is true inspiration to me, and how I would like to do videos in the future

I hope this will give you a little inspiration.


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