Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The silence, the explanation, the new beginning

The blog has been a little silent in a long time. Yesterday i uploaded my first blogpost in almost two months. I've started in high school, and things got a little too much and a little overwhelming. The amount of homework grew, in contrast to what I was used to.

I'm the kind of person who want to do good in everything. My aunt once told me, that I want to do everything to an A+ and i give 110% of myself - more than I even have, and I put that into everything - And it can be a good thing, because I focus on my school and dedicate myself to what I do. My aunt then said; "Sofie, you need to learn that it is okay that you do some things to 90% and not always 110%, you will end up tiring yourself". And she was right about that. School was drowning me with all the homeworks, new friends, new surroundings, new everything.

I had to get my life under control before I could tell other people about it on a blog. But now I feel like, everything is okay again, and I will try out blogging again - because I really like doing it, I might just try to do it in a new way - yes now you have to listen up:

Before this blogpost, I stressed about it. I wanted to upload every two or three days, and I needed to make plans for what to do, and then I didn't have time and it ended up being a lot of the same stuff, and not worked through that well. It was just something I wrote really quickly to get something uploaded. It will not be like that anymore - or I will try that it should not be.
I want to have good blogpost about good stuff, with good pictures, and good everything. Yes I still have that 110% good work thingy in me but this time I will do it that way, that I don't get stressed over it. I do what I do, and do what I can, and do it when I have time.
Sometimes it might just be a text blogpost like this one if I feel like I have something I need to say, sometimes it might be just photography like yesterday, sometimes it might be outfits, sometimes make-up. Who knows?

School does not only stress me, I also learn things (surprise). As you know, I'm danish (surprise) and english is not my first language, but I like writing in english, and I will try my best to do it right. So bare with me if I make mistakes!
Before I just wrote and uploaded, it will not be like that anymore, I will from now on really try to do better at writing.

I will upload when I have time, and when I want to. Hopefully it's more often than every two month, but when I made this blog I did it out of fun, but it became something I felt like I had to do. And the truth is I don't. I just upload when I want to, and the new rule for myself is, that I only do this if it does not stress me. And I love doing this, now that I'm finally here writing for you again, so I really want to keep it this way and not make it stress me.

So welcome back to Somewhere Scandinavian! I'm really excited and I feel like I could have a lot of stuff to tell you guys about, now it's almost christmas and soon 2015 is over - it's crazy!
I hope to see you soon again.


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