Saturday, 19 December 2015

Cute and cozy christmas outfits

The holidays just started for me. Yesterday I had the last day of schhol - and I had an exam. This week has been busy with a lot of presentations, tests and one exam, but now it's finally really beginning to feel like christmas!
Holiday means staying up late and walking around i your pyjamas, drinking tea or hot chocolate and eating all the christmas cookies from my recipe blogpost the other day.
All you need for the cozy days is some cozy outfits or a cute christmassy outfit with a skirt! I putted togeter some cozy and cute outfits below:

1. For the cold winter afternoons with a cup of tea and a Netflix serie: 

What I'm wearing:
Sweater from H&M L.O.G.G
White jeans from H&m

2. Want to look like a christmas tree or an elf?
This is cute with all the red and green clours togeter, I think it's so christmassy!

What I'm wearing:
Green crop top from H&M
Jeans from Pieces
Belt from H&M
Matte Lip pencil from NARS in Dragon Girl

3. Cute with a skirt and christmassy colours

What I'm wearing:
Plaid shirt from H&M
Skirt from H&M
Boots from H&M

I just realized how much of this clothes were from H&M, wow!
Anyway -Keep an eye on the blog for more outfit ideas! Next outfit post is inspiration for a christmas party or ideas for what to wear on Christmas Eve (where I celebrate christmas)

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