Thursday, 3 December 2015

Last minute gift guide idea!

Guys it's December! I'm so excited for everything, I love christmas! Are you all ready for the cozy times? What do you mean no? You still need to buy your gifts? Well, then keep reading, because I have a last minute gift guide for you!

For her: 

1. Does you friend, mom ect. like to treat herself sometime? Then this "Spa of the world, luxurious body collection" from The Body shop, something for her" Click HERE or at the photo for more:
2.  Music is always a good idea! Buy your friend her favorite bands CD, or to make it more personal make your own CD with a mix of all the songs that she loves, and that you have been dancing to together! DIY is always a good ideas if you're late!

3. Is she a make-up lover she will love this palette from Hourglass. Its two blushes, a bronzer, two powders and a highlighter, but you could use the colours just as you want to. It's so beautiful, and on my own wishlist this year! Click HERE or at the picture.

4. It's all about the accessories! You can find everything  that has something to do with jewelry, a nice scarf or even a hat. But what I found that I personally would love was a new little bag, and this one from H&M is not expensive and cute, and goes with every outfit, dress it up or dress it down. I've been loving all the bags from H&M recently after I spotted someone in my class having a pretty one from them! Click HERE or at the picture.

5. Staying in the DIY from number 2, you can make a "memory book" with pictures of your and your friend and write little notes around it. It will for sure bring a smile to her face!

Unisex gifts:

Who doesn't love a new pair of headphones? I'm in love with the ones from Frends, all of them is beautiful, and makes it a little more cool to wear them out in public as well. I find headphones hard to wear, as they look a bit clumpsy on your head, but the Frends ones, is just so beautiful and simple, that it not even will look that bad, but people for sure will look at them for their unique look! There is something for everyone, you can both get them more "girly" or more "manly".
Shop a bunch of different Frends headphones on their website HERE or at this link HERE

For him:

1. Okay I know it might not sound like the best idea to give someone socks for christmas, but Happy Socks, a swedish brand, is seriously the best when it comes to socks. I would even be happy to get a pair of them, just to get a change in my "always black socks"-drawer. Shop them all HERE or at the picture down below, at the cool 4-pack from ASOS:

Image 2 of Happy Socks Gift Set In 4 Pack

2. Another soft gift for him, could be underwear, because we all know it even though no one says it, everyone want Calvin Klein. This 3-pack, is a quite cool one as well. You can both get it all black, and in differnet colors as well! click HERE or at the picture down below:

3. Okay enough for the soft presents, let's move to something else! Let him smell good, by getting him a nice perfume. There is a bunch of different sents to go after. What do you llike, and what do you think he will like? Go sniffing!

4. Staying in the "treat yourself"-gifts. I say this without knowing, but I have a feeling that boys don't really care about skin care at all, even though they may need it. It's that kind of things they don't want to use their money on. Well, help them a little, if you help them start, they might do it, and it might help them with their skin, if they have skin problems!
ASOS have a good solution for that right HERE!

5. Be creative! DIY! DIY! DIY! could not say it enough!

Remember, even just a lovely handwritten card, is special. Sometimes it's even nicer to get a card, that you can read again and again, than a gift, that you someday might forget who you got it from.

That was all the ideas I had, i hoped it hepled you a little, if you need inspiration for a gift, for a special someone. I have a lot more christmassy blogpost planned, so I hope to see you around?
Merry Christmas!


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