Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My chrstmas wishlist + ideas for your own

I make wishlist all year around, because there is always something new I fall in love with. My mother complains about my brother because he never knows what he wants for christmas - and then she complains about me, because I have too many things on my list, so she doesn't know what to give me either.

Are you like me, then do what I did, and make her a list of the things you want the most and the things you never really would buy yourself. It made my wishlist a lot shorter, and a lot easier to read for my mother. I also made one as an e-mail and send it to her with all the links, so she knew where to get it, if she wanted to do that.

But are you like my brother, and do not know what to put on your list, then keep on reading, because I'm sharing my wishlist with your all, sharing links, and hoping to give you some ideas for what you could put on your wishlist this year.
To alle the mothers of hopeless-wishlist-making-children, thank me later ;)

 The first thing on my wishlist this year, is a pinboard. I love pinboards, but havn't got one since I was younger. I have so many papers and lists on my desk, and it's one big mess. I found that it could be a good idea to get a pinboard again to put over my desk, and hopefully it would clean up my desk a bit more.
This pinboard from Urban Outfitters is so pretty: CLICK HERE

Next up is a dressing table. Well, I have not been able to find one, that I like and is exactly what I'm looking for. It needs to be looking a little old-ish so it goes with the table besides my bed, but it has to be without a mirror because it has to fit under my window. Really hard, I know, I'm sorry mum. If you find one that I might like, please send me a link via Twitter, Instagram or just an e-mail. Get all the links HERE

Okay, I admit it; I'm a giant The Sims nerd. I've played it since i was little, and loved it since the first time i played it. Of couse I want the newest The Sims generation added to my collection.

This wish is a bit crazy to ask for, but it has been on my wishlist for so many years - since i started really liking to photograph. I do have an old Canon camera, which I use for vlogging on my youtube channel HERE, but one for only photograpy (and maybe really starting youtube?) would be perfect. And if this is not under the tree - well, then I still have the January sales!

I've for a long time wanted some Vans and then i realized I only have shoes in bright colours, and sometimes you just need a white/black/grey shoe to your outfit. Therefore I fell in love with these white and simple slip-on Vans, which you can get on Asos RIGHT HERE

Jewelry is always a good gift, you can never get enough of it, and there is so many different kind of jewelry. I like both gold and silver jewelry, so you can never really go wrong with jewelry for me.

Gift cards is always a good idea. No more needs to be said.

Okay so I putted this in my last blogpost too, and I want it myself too - so terribly. It's the most beautiful palette from Hourglass, and it was love at first sight for me. Just look at it HERE and you will fall in love too.

I recently got a new phone (we don't want to talk about how the old one broke), and I just feel like i need a new cover as well, but again it is one of these thing I don't really want to spend money on. So this beautiful "clear rosa" phone case from  Rifle Paper Co. is so beautiful. I liek it when the phone cases is see through because I feel like an iPhone is so beutiful and kind og worth showing off.. Just look at the phone case HERE

A Bumbag? Have you ever heard of that? I hadn't either before it got a big trend in Denmark, to wear it over your shoulder so it crosses your body. It's a small bag, you can have everything in, and it's close to your body - you can even wear it under your coat, it's that small but can have everything you need in it. I've fallen in love with this one from NEYE, look at it HERE

Books. There is always a lot of books on my wishlist, and as you can see on the picture it's like that again this year. This year it's a lot of books by youtubers, and I hope to find a lot of inspiration in them. Normally i like fantasy books, or books like The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, but somehow these books sounded intresting to me.

Another good idea to want for christmas is something to do with music. You could get gift cards for iTunes, or get Spotify Premium or just go with the good old CD. Another thing I would love is a vinyl player, and a lot of Vinyls!

Get ready and make your own wishlist now!


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