Wednesday, 30 December 2015

New Years Eve 2015 - outfit ideas!

Glitter and sparkles are a must-fave for New Years Eve! For me New Years Eve is the (almost) only time of the year where you can look absolutely crazy and add as musch glitter as you like - and I go all in on these! I've collected my favorite sparkly things from my wardrobe:

The glittery jacket from H&M
I found this in a second hand shop in Sweden this summer, and fell in love. I've worn it once, but I can promise you, it sin't the last time you have seen me in this!

Glittery skirt from H&M
Was actually a christmas gift to me, two years ago (yes I love glitter that much) and I love it! It's perfect for New Years and I'm currently trying to figure out how I can wear it on everyday basis, so I have a little glitter on me on a normal boring monday!

Sparkling dress from H&M
H&M apperently have a lot of things with glitter. This dress was really cheap, I think, and I know this is the kind of dress you also can wear to a "normal" party, without it being too much glitter,

Borrowed glitter dress
So this dress is (sadly) not my own. It's my friends, and I just had to add it in this blogpost. It's this amazing dress with no back and I just love it. I'm probably going to steal it and wear it someday.

Velvet crop top from H&M
Again it's H&M - but this time it's not glittery! It's a vevelt crop top, and I love it. I think that with some high-waisted jeans or a skirt, this would be really pretty! There is just something about this velvet, that makes it look like it shines, and it's just a little something more than a normal crop top!

Metallic bronze top from First and I
This top--- I'm just in love. I've loved since the first time I saw it in a Vila shop, and I knew I had to own it. And yesterday there was a 50% off, and I finally got it! This top is amazing for a little extra, with it's open back and beautiful colour. 

I hope to see you soon again, and in the new year! 


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