Sunday, 27 December 2015

What I got for christmas 2015

First I want to start off by saying that I hoped you had a lovely christmas and time spend with your family.
Second,  I want you to know, that I'm not doing this post to show off or anything. I'm doing it because that I myself like to see stuff like this and videos like this, if I'm on youtube. I guess I'm just curious! Now that is said, let's me show you what I got for christmas!

I can start off with the things I havn't got a photo of: That me and my broters, each got a ticket to see the Disney On Ice when the tour hits Copenhagen in February! I'm really excited, I'm such a child - I never get too old for Disney!
From my parents I aslo got a wallet, which I really like - but the colour was not quite me, so I'm taking to to the store tomorrow to see if there is a colour that suits me more.

Then from my grandparents (on my mums side) I got this cosmetic bag. I actually have bag in this print as well, so that is nice that the things go together. It's from DAY by Birher Et Mikkelsen, a dansih designer.

I got a lot of jewelry as well! I'm sure I will get a lot of use out of all of it.
The necklace and earrings below is by a brand I never have heard of actuallt, but I think the necklase is really really pretty - and the earring can just add a little something to either a everyday outfit or a part dress!

From my aunt (My dads side) i got these cute earrings! I really wanted earrings this year because I feel like I always wear the same all the time.

From my aunts (on my mums side) I (FINALLY) got the Sims 4 starter pack! Yes, I'm a toalt gamer-nerd when it comes to The Sims, I've played it for so many years, and played all the different kinds of Sims, so I was a very happy nerd when I opened this present.

From my "parents-in-law" I got this book which I've wanted to read for so long, but I never really bought it, so I'm so happy with that! And these pyjama-bottoms are the softest things ever, and I've already worn them (I'm actually wearing them now as I write this)

From my aunt again (my dads side) I got this book. I've never really heard about it, but from what I could read on the back, its souns really catching and just like a book I could read in one day! So I'm really looking foward to try and read it!

From my grandmother (my dads side) I got this absolutely beautiful ring from Pandora. I'm sure I will get a lot of wear out of this. I'm just so in love with it.

From my aount (again the same on my dads side) I also got this really cute necklace and pair of earringgs. We were actually on a market together, when I saw this set, and I didn't buy it, so I'm so happy she got it for me!

Okay this is a funny one, but I'm so happy about it! It's a bumbsg, I'm not sure, but I think it's just a danish thing, that all girls do; We wear this bag like cross body, and have all our bibs and bobs in it. And trust me you can fit everything in these things, I can have my phone, camera and wallet + other things as well. ANd it's so much easier than have to carry a handbag with you because this just sits on your body, so you don't have to worry about theifs or forgetting your bag.

One of my favorite gifts, is from my friend Johanne, who is an exchange student in Austria for a year, and I havn't seen her since the summer and wont see her before it's summer again, and I miss her so much, but I'm so happy that she sent me a little gift all the way from Austria. Unfortunately the watch is too big for me, so I will have to get it made smaller, but I can't wait to wear it! And these magnets are so cute as well, I already have them around my room!

I just feel so lucky to get so many gifts. This year had been one of the best christmases I remember. I just feel really really lucky. I hope you had a happy christmas as well!Hope to see you around, and the next time for some New Years Inspiration? ;)


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