Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Winter/christmas style wishlist

The clothes is amazing this time of year, it has a lot of a thing i love: Glitter. To be honest I wish we could wear glitter all year around, and we can, but something about it makes it just perfect for christmas and new years.
Enough of the glitter talk. All the clothes is amazing this year, not only the glitter clothes. There is amazing dresses, skirts ect. and I've fallen in love with all of it. I have here found my favorites (you wee some of them above right now, but there is a lot more!) and I'm here to give you some inspiration for your style this winter.
Let's start from the top with t-shirts, tops, ect.
               Image 2 of First & I Metallic Split Back Top                  
Top from H&M, velvet HERE                     Rose-gold top from First and I HERE                   Red t-shirt from Topshop HERE

Aren't these just the prettiest? From the left:
1: Velvet is the biggest trend this winter, and this red velvet top from H&M is, so lovely! It would be perfect for the christmas time. I think you can both dress it up and dress it down. If you're going to a christmas party, you could totally wear this with fine jewelry, a pencil skirt (maybe even some trousers) and heels. If you want to wear just a little more casual, just throw some jeans on and some sneakers or boots, for the cold weather.

2: Okay this one got to be my favorite. I spotted this when I went to Vila a long time ago, and the still have it, and everytime I go to the city I have to go and look at it. It's this beautiful bronze/rose-gold top with a open back (they even got a matching skirt and trousers) and I just fell in love. I'm pretty much broke after I had to suddenly buy a new phone, but if this one goes on sale - IT'S MINE!

3: I have been looking for a simple red t-shirt that has a high-neck and is "the real red" colour. This one is perfect for that, and like the first one I feel like you can dress it up and down. Wear with a skirt, jeans, hats, heels, sneakes - you can literally do everuthing with it.

Now the bottoms:
BLONDE MAXINEDERDEL, Black, large                         Image 4 of First & I 70s Suede Skirt
Skirt from First and I HERE                                                                                               Skirt from First And I HERE
Okay, skirts are my thing at the moment, and apperently the brand First and I are as well, because I just keep falling in love with their skirts. From left:
1: This one I, as the top, spotted when I was in Vila the other day. I have recently loved the midi-skirt, that stops right under the knee and before your angles. This black one with a lace, is to me really elegant, classy and still modern and girly because you still can see the legs through. I think this one will be perfect for any Christmas dates, lunches, parties, or whatever you're going to be doing this christmas.In the sommer it will also be a perfect thing; just imagine a date-night in the evening dressing this up, or wearing with a crop top to go shopping, or just throwing it on when you're going to the beach. I simply just love it.

2: Red, red and more red! I can't get enough. This kind of skirts i think is perfect for winter. In the autumn, and beginning of winter this will be so pretty. Like so many other things you can dress it up and dress it down. With heels, a nice top and a little of jewelty and make-up this would do perfect at a party, and for everyday wear just wear some tights and a jumper and you're good to go!

"The whole body" wishes:
Bodystocking from H&M HERE                   Bodystocking from Skinny Body HERE                  Dress from H&M HERE

I've lately fallen in love with the bodys/bodystockings. I think they're so pretty and kind of feminin as well. I love how they just really look fit you, and is tight. I would love to wear one of these with a simple skirt over it, or even some jeans. I think all of it looks so pretty, and I just love it. One bad thing about them: I kind only imagine how annoying they are, when you're going to the bathroom.

Okay, this dress is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. If it wasn't because I simply don't know when to wear a dress like this, I've had bought is immediately. When I saw it, I fell in love. I'm thinking about just buying it and saving it for my prom as a senoir in two years. It would be a dream.

The extras:
Pyjamas from H&M HERE                          Heels from Even&Odd HERE                   Clutch from Banana Republic HERE
From the left:
1: The pyjamas is amazing. And as I've recently somehow ended up without any pyjama bottoms, because all of them were so old that there enden up being holes everywhere, I think this pyjamas would be amazing to replace that. I love me some good and worm pyjamas.

2: W-o-a-w! These heels are so beautiful. I feel like a skin-coloured heel is the best essential you can own, it's so feminin, so elegant and so georgeous. These ones are smart as well, because they are not too tall, and the heel is not to thin, so you will have a better cahnce to walk in these. And I love how the sole is black, and makes it a little more edgy. They are perfect for a christmas party, with a red dress.

3: Okay i love this, no more to be said.
But, I guess I have to; so this little bag/clutch is so little and pretty, and can have everything you just need in it. If you're just wearing a little black dress, then I thik this clutch just add the little sparkle you will need. It's funny, pretty, small and elegant, feminim, and sparkly - all which I love!

Get your christmas, new years and winter style ready guys! 


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