Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Layering up!

Doing the winter it can be hard to keep warm! Especially when you're from Denamrk and it shows -8 degress celcious, and it is windy so it feels like -12. Ughh.
Being the person I am who is always freezing and therefore needs three sweaters, but still wants to look just a little fashionable - it's hard. I've for the last month just worn the same sweater everyday when I got home from school, because I didn't wear enough clothes and choose to be fashionable instead of warm - stupid, Sofie. I know.

I had to do something to keep warm, beacuse I would die if I didn't, no lie. So I began to layer up, and whole last week I was warm and comfortable and could actually focus in school and not just think about getting home and get in that warm sweater.

This outfit on the picture is one of the outfits I wore last week, it looks okay right? But what is even better is that it actually was warm! Believe it or not, here I'm waring a top, a shirt and a sweater and it still looks okay, I think! On my legs I had just normal black jeans BUT with tights under - No one will know! And for the chrry on the top I also wore socks with fluffy socks over. That's how you do it. That's how you live in Denmark.

Remember to layer up and to stay warm in the winter. Cuddle up until next blogpost.


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