Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year resolutions for 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Just to add a little something on my latest blogpost about New Years outfits, this is what I ended up wearing for the special evening. I hope you all got safe into 2016.
Now 2016 is here, we can have a new beginning and start all over. Most people have sat themselves some goals they want to achieve this year. I have made a list for myself as well, and I'm sharing it with you now!:
Learn to drink coffee
In 2015 i tried to learn it as well, but I failed. I just love the smell of it, so I really want to start enjoying drinking it!

Travel more
It's hard to just travel, fly away and book a hotel - it takes time and a lot of money. But not so much travel like that, but make sure I experiences that will mean something to me and maybe do thing out af my comfort zone.

Accept myself
Not just myself, but also accept that not everyone has to like me and their opinion does not define who I am. I have to accept I am who I am, and the right people will accept it too and stay.

Live healthier
2015 was a good start for this! I started working out sometimes and started running. Now I just need to make it something that comes naturally for me and not something i has to do. Also add some healtier food in my life as well.

Think before you do
This is actually important. This goal I can use in every situation. Think before you talk, or think twice before I buy something "do i really need this? Don't I have a shirt that looks like this" Just think more, not overthink, but just think.

Try out yoga
Okay this is a little funny, but I have always thought that yoga looked so nice, calm and relaxing. I want to try it myself, if it's only from a youtube video or if I join a class, it doesn't matter, just try it maybe I'll get more calm too.

Say yes!
Say yes is a good thought to have. If you get sked if you want to go to a party or want to hang out, even if you don't want to give it a try. Say yes and you will maybe get amazing memories insread of stying home in your bed with Netflix.
Be open to people and take the opportunities that comes along, you will never know where it leads.

Spend time with my family

I've lately thought about this. If you mum or dad asks if you want to do something, say yes instead of no because you rather be staying inside. When you grow older you will look back on all these memories you had with your parents or siblings and they will make you smile more than the memories of you just watching Netflix. Am I making sense?

More time to myself
Use more time on myself and what I want, in the end the things you want to do is what makes you happy, and you should be happy.
In this case I'm thinking about giving myself the right to take a break from the homeworks and skype with my friends around the world, or go photographing, or watch a movie or be creative!

New hair?

Maybe not cut bangs stright away, but don't be afraid of doing something new to your hair!

More sleep
because the days where you had a good nights sleep is just always better than the days you stayed up until midnight to watch youtube videos.

Drink more water
In 2015 I've also been really good at getting this started, but I want to get better. Water is good for me and helps me with not getting too dizzy duting the day.
Especially drink water in the morning! Think about how dry your body is after a long night.

Photography more
I love doing it, so why don't I do it more often? I don't know, but I should do it, because everytime I've done it I feel so happy about it. And don't think you're bad at it, you have to practice before you can master it!

Use your polaroid
I love my polaroid camera, but I wish I used it more often though. I got it for a reason; to use it. I should stop worrying about if it is "worth a picture" just becuase the photos ae expensive, I should just do because I love looking back on them.

The best summer

I hope that the summer 2016 will be the summer I remeber the most. I always tend to get sad in the summer time, but this year will be different, and I'll do everything I can to get the best out of it!


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