Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Tanya Burr Cosmetics review

The youtuber Tanya Burr released a beautyline last year. I got my hands on some of her Christmas line things! I'm giving a review on the things and the brand Tanya Burr Cosmetics.
 I got two little houses from her christmas line. To start off I must say the packaging is so cute!
The products that I got was two nailpolishes, a lipstick, nailart and a nailfile.

The nailpolishes is surprisingly good. It's not like they're staying on for a week, but they look pretty for a few days before they start to crack off. I got two shades; the nude "toasted marshmallow" and a glitter one in "cookie cutter".
The "toasted marsmallow" is so pretty. I think it's super feminine with a coulor like this, and it goes both daytime and in the evening. It feels super nice on the nails. I will say it's a little hard to apply. The lid of the nailpolish is too big and the applying wand is too short compared to the lid, so it gets hard to see what you're doing.
"cookie clutter" is a so good to put on top. It's a clear polish with glitter in it. You can easily aplly it on top of "toasted marsmallow" or on any other colour. But again the same problem with the lid, and like any other glitter polish it's a nightmare to get off!

Sugar and Spice is the name of the lipgloss. It's a really pretty coulor in a your-lips-but-better colour with a shine. It's a good lipstick. Now I'm just that kind of person that is not that much into lipsticks, I don't like the stickyness and how they feel on the lips. But this was surprisingly good for a lipstick, and i actually like to aplly it on top of a lipstick.

So to sum up. I think it's actually good products with a okay price to them, and I would difinitly buy more product from Tanya Burr's beauty line.


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