Friday, 8 January 2016

Update, exciting news and Copenhagen vlog!

It's been a while, but now I'm back! This week has been so busy; I started school again after the christmas holidays and I had an exam on Thursday and the whole week I studied for that and had a bunch of other things to do, and some of them are pretty excitig:

How crazy is it to think about I've already halfway through my first year of the danish high school? (Danish school system is different). I started off tough in school with an exam, which I was so nervous about, but it turned out fine and I'm just happy it's over - now I don't have to worry about exams again before summer, sigh.

But one exciting thing that happened this week was that I finally used all the money I've been saving for a camera! I bought the Canon EOS 700D, and I'm so happy about it I almost cried when I finally had it. I've been waiting almost three years now.
And I also got all the good equipment, and between all my new equipment is also a tripod! Which means I'll get much better phots whivh is not shakey - and I'll have the opportunity to do youtube videos once in a while, which is a big deal for me! I've thought about also having youtube as a little hobby and a side-thing for this blog for a long time, but I didn't really want to do it before I had some good camera stuff to do it with. So here

Today I went to Copenhagen and i vlogged it (on my old camera though). The january sales was all over Copenhagen, and a lot on Strøget, the danish, famous shopping strees (The dansih answer to Oxford Street!) So because I now have the chance to do a youtube video, I thought I'll do a little haul video for what I bought today in Copenhagen? So if that's the case, the video will be up here or on my youtube channel as soon as possible!

But for now you can enjoy the little vlog from today in Copenhagen! HERE or down below:


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