Sunday, 21 February 2016

Blog update

Did you pay attention to anything new while check my blog? Yes, that is right! I FINALLY got my layout done by a professional.
After over a year of just being myself and trying to work on this blog, both content and layout wise, it feels so good having something that actually works for me and my blog.

I can thank for the amazing help on this. They have a lot of different layouts to choose from, it's not expensive like a lot of other layout pages, they offer to install it for you and it's quick and easy!
They promise they will install it within 48 hours, but mine got done in less that 24. It's so great service and they have a good suppert/help page as well.

If you're new to being a blogger or just wants to give your blog a fresh look, I would recommend checking out pipdig!

I hope you like my new layout, theme and everything. I personally love it. It has everything I need and it's simple and minimalistic. What I think of when I think of Scandinavia.

Until next time, 


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