Friday, 12 February 2016

Red Valentine's day outfits

The everyday outfit!

For this outfit i just wore a red turtleneck. Its casual and cosy, beacuse in Denmark it is still super cold at this time. AND Valentines is all about being comfortable and happy with the people you love, so why don't wear a comfortable outfit?
If you're going out or want to add a little extra something I thought this blazer from H&M was perfect. I think the red and the stripes go so well together.

Valentine's day by yourself?

If that's your case then treat yourseƦf! Cuddle up with a good book or watch some good TV or movie. To treat myself on Sunday I will wear this red silk top, read this book and eat yummy food and sweets!

Flowers for your date

A cute dress is always a good idea, and an even better idea on Valentines day. This cute flower dress is from H&M and is perfect for Valentines day, or just any winter day or even christmas time. You gotta love 'em roses!

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