Sunday, 21 February 2016

The bumpbag

I don't know if this is only a thing in Denmark, but danish girls love this bag. Last summer you could not walk outside and not see a girl without one. 

It all started as a belt bag, you know these bags all the awkward tourist have around their waist? Yep, that one. But now they have become the bumpbag here in Denmark. Girls wear them cross over, and then we fit everything in it. I can fit my vlogging camera, my phone, my wallet and a lip balm (and if I wanted to I could probably fit more in there)

I've worn it just a day out and about, I've worn it to parties where you have dresses on so you don't have any pockets for your phone and money. The thing is they are incredible handy. They may look a little awkward, but to be honest, for me that is not important because this is so smart to carry around.

Just a little fun fact about us danes in Scandinavia. 

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