Sunday, 6 March 2016

Tuesday Thought: Funny Feet

As a christmas present I got a pair of socks from my boyfriend. Let me just make it clear that we have a joke about socks and are very much in love, haha (he did get me something else) . I loved the socks, and what I loved even more was the brand.

The brand was called Happy Socks - and if the name itself doesn't make you happy happy, the socks will! The brand is swedish and last summer I saw them in a store when I was there on holiday. Both my boyfriend and I loved them, but sadly we didn't buy any.

"Life is too short to wear boring socks" my boyfriend always tells me. I only own black socks, I know I'm that basic and boring. It was the reason I got the Happy Socks from him with polka dots.

I decided to find all my coloured socks and prove him wrong. But I couldn't. So I actually only own my Happy Socks and these rainbow coloured knee socks I only have because they once were a part of a costume.

In the furture I would look after more socks like Happy Socks, because my boyfriend is actually right in what he is saying. Life is too short for boring socks.

Until next time, look down on your socks, I hope they are happy and make you smile.


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