Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tuesday Thought: Vintage - a guide around Scandinavia

Tuesday thought is a new series I'm starting on the blog. Everytime I have something on my mind I need to share it will be in a blogpost like this. I'm putting my thought out here.

I've lately thought a lot about vintage and second hand shops, as me and my boyfriend took a trip into our city to just walk around and look at second hand shops. It was sad to me, that not most people use these shops. We all know they are here, but why don't we use them more? It's a shame because you can find pretty good stuff there. I've found a pair of shorts from the newest H&M colection and payed only 20DKK where the normal price was over 150DKK, and my boyfriend have found a Calvin Klein sweater there. So let me share my thought on vintage, and all the secret places to go to shop it around Scandinavia:

Vintage shops is pretty amazing - or you can at least find some pretty amazing things in vintage/thrift/chairty/second hand shops. No matter what you call them I think the idea of it is amazing!

Last summer I found a lot of clothes in realy good quality in a swedish second hand shop; two dresses, shirts, shorts and bags. You can find everything you will just need if you take your time.

Because I love vintage, and I love the Scandinavian things, so I will give you a guide to the best Scandinavian intage/thrift/chairty/second hand shops!

Let's start in my home; Denmark and then move to the other Scandinavian contries.

Picture: From Episode vintage store in Copenhagen


  • Take a stroll down Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen, there you find some amazing thrift shops/vintage shops! Take the train to Nørreport Station and walk towards Torvehallerne (that is a lovely maket with lovely and tasty food!)

  • Episode is a big and overwhelming shop with so much clothes. It is second hand clothes that is maked in to a new outfit. I have bought a skirt and a crop top that before that was a dress! Find it on: Larsbjornsstraede 8, Copenhagen

  • Besides that, I've heard of a lot of other second hand shops in Copenhagen, where all the big bloggers go when they visit Copenhagen. One of them is the second hand PRAG that you find two places in Copenhagen.
    Here: Vesterbrogade 98A, 1620 KBH V
    And here: Nørrebrogade 45, 2200 KBH N 

  • And I've also heard a lot about the thrift shop called Times Up Vintage in Copenhagen. Find it here: Krystalgade 4, 1172 København K
  • Also if you walk past the store RUDE you should take a look. It's a line of stores around Copenhagen, and the quality is so so good!

  • We also have Røde Kors (Red Cross) all over the contry, even in the smallest cities, so keep and eye out for that


  • I've myself only been into Lindra, that is a line of shops around Sweden I've done amazing founds in these shops. So it is worth takeing a look at. You can find the store in 11 differnet cities in Sweden, just take a look at their website here

  • I haven't been in any other vintage stores in Sweden, but I found this really cool article about the best vintage/second hand shops in Sweden recommended by a swedish blogger. Read it HERE

  • If you're going to Stockholm you shouls check out these second hand shops there: Read the list HERE


  • It is a dream of mine to go to Oslo - and just Norway in general - and when I do I would take  look at the thrift shops there, because this gide I found of Oslo's best thrift shops look really really good! Red it HERE

  • I hope you find this little idea exciting, and maybe inspirational to go look in thrift shops more. Thank you for reading along.

Until next time, 


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