Saturday, 26 March 2016

Goodbye, winter skin! Hello, Nuxe!

Personally, I don't struggle with dry skin doing the winter, but when it begins to be warmer and the sun is out, my skin turns completely dry! It can't take the change apparently. So I'm 24/7 putting some kind of oil or creme somewhere on my body (mostly my hands and lips).

And this brand, NUXE, seems to be working perfectly for me, and I just need to tell you about it:
The first time I heard of the brand, was when my friend Johanne, had one of their lip balms she had bought in the airport, and it smelled amazing and the texture was amazing, and I just needed to get it.
So when Johanne and I, half a year later went to the airport to go to London, we seached the whole airport for a lip balm for me. - And found it!

The lip balm from London lasted me for long! Half a year and I use it everyday. But when it ran out I started to panic a little, and had to get a new one.
I went to my local drugstore, and finally found that the brand NUXE had arrived! If i bought a set with a handcream and lipbalm, I could save myself some money, so I did it.

I haven't regretted also buying the handcream, because it works perfectly for me!
Normally I use a really creamy and greasy handcream before I go to bed, because then I can't touch anything. I hate it when a handcream is like that in the daytime, where I have to touch things.
The Nuxe one works perfectly for me in the daytime, because it is light, dry quickly and smells nice and fresh!

You should definitely try out NUXE if you can! I would love to try more products from them, when I'm missing something!

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