Sunday, 13 March 2016

HICK make-up brushes - Scandinavian

I was on the hunt for make-up brushes but when you're new to make-up and doesn't really have any, it can be hard to know where to start. So I looked around on feel unique and other makeup sites to see if they had any sets with more than just one or two bruses I found nothing that I could afford. Okay the truth is that I could afford it, I just think it's stupid to pay that many money for a set with four brushes. I don't like to spend much money - or I don't like to not have money to be more precise.

Then one day I fell over the swedish beauty blogger and youtuber, Wilma Holmquist. I found out that she has designed ten different make-up brushes, called HICK. They are vegan, not tested out on any animals and they were cheap for ten brushes. So I took a chance and bought the ten-brushes-set.

When they came in the mail I got so excited! I tried them out immediately and was surprised with the quality! They are soft and nice on the skin. They have the perfect size. The ones for the eyes are amazing for all over but also the crease, where I can find it hard to use the Real Techniques, as it is too big for my eye.

The design is really pretty as well. The simplicity of the black and copper/rosecold is amazing, and they are a good size to hold on your hand, where some other brushes often is too big or too small, but this is perfect.

I haven't tried to clean them yet, but I'm almost sure that there will be no problem. I've had them for a few weeks now and I haven't found anything I didn't like about them yet - and I wonder if I will?

Oh, how I love Scandinavian things!!

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