Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Spring/easter party

The first thing that really makes it feels like spring, is easter. All the chocolate easter eggs in the stores, that you try to say no to (but can't) and all the the easter decorations in the shops.

This years easter is a little more special to me, because I'm invited to an "easter party" on thursday. It's a little get together on the island Sejerø for the young people out there (this is actually second generation now, because before it was my parents that went to it, but now it's all the children!) and we eat together and then after that there is a party. I'm really excited.

For that I have planned this outfit I want to share with you before the day. It's a bright blue playsuit/jumpsuit I borrowed from my friend (the tag is cut off so I'm sorry I can't tell you where its from)
Underneath that I have a bralette from Brandy Melville and on top my leather jacket from Only with black heels from New Look!

It's fancy and dressed up because of the heels, and I will always be able to dress it down with a pair of trainers! AND it is not a dress so I will not be super cold. It's so smart.


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