Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Tuesday thought: International women's day

Today is the International Women's day. I do think it is fantastic to have a day just for the women, and celebrating how stong and independent we have become. It is different everywhere what and why we celebrate this day but to say it simple it is everything between the general celebration of respect, apprecation, and love towards women, to a celebration for women's economic, political and social achievements.

Today there is so many different kinds of women, no one is truely the same. I love how different we are now, compared to 100 years ago when there wasn't the same freedom to do exactly what you wanted and be exactly who you wanted to be.

If you think about it, everything starts with a woman. We create life. How crazy and amazing is it to think about that? Every life starts with a female. We do need a male, but when that is done, a woman can create life herself. We do not need a man..
That thought is so different from what the world was like a long time ago. I love how independent and free women are today. That is truely something to celebrate.

Women can look different today. We can look exactly the way we want to. I think that is beautiful.

I asked Afreen Charania if I could use her drawing for this blogpost she said go for it. I have for a long time admired her drawings of fashion and different women. I think all the women she draws has this special vibe to it, that makes them feminie and modern, but still classy and cool, and you can still see the women that fighted so hard for us to look exactly the way you want.

I asked Afreen how and why she draw women the way she does, and if there where more she wanted to add:

Afrren said: "There's a variety of fashion bloggers who inspire other women to wear certain outfits either for business or casual wear and I really believe that this helps others gain confidence about themselves. I started fashion illustrating because I find different clothes that bloggers/celebrities put together unique and interesting because it not only shows a statement externally, but what they wear also gives that boost of confidence to a women internally as well. 
The illustration I drew for Phoebe Tonkin for example, at the Girl Gaze Project, not only did she pick an outfit that symbolized a statement of feminism but it also makes an audience know that she is confident in herself to be a part of this movement."

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Let me hear your thoughts about this.

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